SnakeyeS – Welcome to the Snake Pit EP By Ashlinn Nash

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/label: Autoproduced
Released: 25th November 2013
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SnakeyeS - “Welcome To The Snake Pit” EP

Band line-up:
Cosmin Aionita – Vocals
Jose Pineda – Bass & Guitar
Justi Bala – Guitar
Carlos Delgado – Drums

Album Track listing:
1. Time of Dismay
2. Snake Pit
3. Shadow Warriors
4. Riding The Sentinel Into Hell (Judas Priest Tribute) BONUS TRACK


SnakeyeS is a new Heavy Metal band, formed by José Pineda whose bass work was heard in the Spanish band SPHINX – letting the band grow from a solo project into the band now, via a journey of shared musical influences, demo tapes and a sheer amount of hard work.

The say good things come in small packages, this EP is no exception, with its fun, vibrant and textures that will draw in listeners new to the genre and old alike. The band have a thunderous artillery behind them with the vocal similarities to that of old Iced Earth front man John Greely.

As you listen to the EP an instant grip from vocal pioneer for the modern age;  Cosmin Aionita enters your ears reminding the listener that there is still room for classic and clean heavy metal singing. With the blistering bass lines and enjoyably scrumptious drum beats and guitars ready for a solo at any moment the band are a freshly developed strong unit.

The opening song “Time of dismay” doesn’t hang around with a long prog vein introduction and harbours an almost Iron maiden big anthem command. As you progress through the EP with songs such as “Snake pit” you can’t help but want to see this band in a live environment getting your energy pumped up, it’s a home head bangable song along with soaring “Shadow warriors”. The album concluding with a treat for Judas Priest fans with a tribute track “Riding the sentinel into hell” which is higly suitable to the rest of the bands slick sound.

This EP has been a promising offering of sublime slices for the modern classic rock fan, with pumping movements and fun journey filled lyrical poetry. This has been a thoroughly enjoyable listen all round. The Current release “Welcome To The Snake Pit” will be followed later in 2014, with a full-length SnakeyeS album.

Review by Ashlinn Nash