SMack @ New York, USA By Ian Fford

NYC has a thriving fetish scene. Its something of a constant undercurrent that’s largely unaffected by nightclub and scene trends. The main reason for this would be that ‘Fetish’ is a lifestyle more than a passing fad.

There are several established fetish promoters in New York, one being Xris SMack! You’ll easily recognize him as he is at almost every event sporting blue hair, tight latex and a smile. He’s one of the friendliest people you’d ever care to meet, plus he’s a tireless worker who pulls his events together through a love of his art and sheer force of will. He was an avid coffee drinker until I turned him on to yerba mate, but more on that some other time.

Xris is world famous for his bi-annual SMack! event. His newer project, STIMULATE, is a monthly that’s just hitting its stride. Xris wants to “Stimulate Your Senses”, and in that sense he brings in the best DJ’s and Bands but keeps the party a bit less pounding so that it pleases the ears without overpowering them.


He has a chef, Chris #2, who makes incredible pastries on the spot, seducing your tastebuds with sheer joy. I can vouch for this personally, I was a guest DJ during my birth month January and I got extra cookies for playing his request. Yes I’m that easy, but back on topic…
Visually there are a number of things going on. The VJ mixes live video all night with an impressive arsenal of gear, footage and screens. For the voyeur in you, there is always a fetish performance going on and dominatrix’s abound. This leaves us with touch and smell… well if the pastries aren’t enough for you, then interaction with another person is highly encouraged.

Nobody cares if your young, old, gay, straight, large, small, whatever, just that you’re interesting… and if you’re at STIMULATE you probably are.

Dj Rex… he’s one of the featured guest DJs for March and with his vast array of musical goodness its sure to be a SMACKING good time. Neither STIMULATE nor Rex fail to deliver, so come out and Stimulate your Senses!

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