Slowgold – Slowgold EP

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: Gaphals
Released: 2014
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SlowgoldBand line-up:

Amanda Werne vocals, guitar and harmonica
Erik Berntsson on drums
Johannes Mattsson on bass


1. Det Osynliga
2. Varen
3.Oppna Sar
4. Finland


Slowgold are back with a new 4 track EP filled with slow psychedelic rock. The bands main woman Amanda Werne is certainly a charismatic presence, with the sort of massive voice you’d expect to hear from her influences, it works within the EP for sure. Comparing this to the bands older material is interesting as there is something less but something more, mainly being her rather than the other chaps.

The EP comes with stylish undertones that are a flurry of excellence and take a relativly slow amount of time to get into and really enjoy. The sheer magnitude of its delivery that is full of passion is one which could grace and expand the deepest recesses of the listeners mind and articulate its message for hours after you’re done listening to it . A task which comes easily it seems to the soul strikers, turned melody makers are spreading their wings fully within this EP.

The EP is very short, coming in at under fifteen minutes, they are arguably songs which need to be hear but their placement on the sidelines in a EP format seems very odd, perphaps they don’t fit in with the new album?

Slow gold comprises of ; Amanda Werne vocals, guitar and harmonica Erik Berntsson – on drums and Johannes Mattsson – on bass. The band have a strange summery glaze to their music and have impersonations of fellow Scandinavians ‘First aid kit, London’s Still Corners and some parts influence of traditional rock, all with a sweetish language twist. It is within this lost in translation to a non native of the language listener where you can start to appreciate the actual musicality behind the burs and spiked vocals accompanying it.

Aptly named Slowgold and described as being like “vague dream hovering over the western parts of Gothenburg” the band have found themselves a beautiful niche and carved away at it, needless to say fans will be excited about the new upcoming album for spring this year.

Review by Ashlinn Nash