Sleeping of Monsters – Produces Reason

Rating  4/5
Distributor/Label : Svart Records
Released 2015

indexBand lineup :

Ike Vil – Vocals , Sami Hassinen – Guitar , Uula Korhonen – Guitar , Maiha – Bass , Patka Rantala – Drums , Janne Immonen – Keyboards

Tracklisting :

1.Holy Holy Holy
2.Nihil Nihil Nihil
3.Abomination Street
4.Murder She Wrote
5.Our Savage God
7.Horses of the Sun
8.Through a Mirror Darkley
9.Cowbwebs of your Mind
10.Magick Without Tears
11.I Am the Night Colour Me Black


Sleep of Monsters are Finish melodic rock collective made up of Ike Vil previously of Babylon Whores,Sami Hassinen who used to be in Blake,Patka Rantala who has appeared with HIM,Uula,Maiha and Janne plus there so called ‘Furies’ more on that later.
Recorded at East Sound Studios Helsinki the album definitely has a radio friendly sound, reminded me of the likes of 80s rock, think Billy Idol meets Depeche Mode bit of Simple Minds and a black dark layer of The Damned.

The opening slice ‘Holy Holy Holy’ is the haunting sound of the opera-tics of the ‘Furies’.They are the dark backing vocals of Hanna Wendelin, Nelli Saarikoski, and Tarja Leskinen who i must admit i did think stood out giving a haunting depth almost like an enjoyable horror fantasy.

The melody that runs through each track is very appealing and the production is spot on.Stand out tracks for me would have to be Magick Without Tears,a dark haunting soulful ballad,the more heavy Abomination Street.

I must admit the more i listened to Sleep of Monsters the more i liked it,for good alternative rock this is definitely worth checking out.

Review By Nicky Moseley