Skeletoon – Ticking Clock

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/Label: Revalve Records
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Released: 2017
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Band Line-up:TickingClock

Tomi Fooler- Vocals
Andy Cappellari- Guitar
Davide Piletto- Guitar
Charlie Dho- Bass
Henry Sidoti- Drums


1. Dreamland
2. Drowning Sleep
3. Night Ain’t Over
4. Watch over Me
5. Chasing Time
6. Ticking Clock
7. Mooncry
8. Falling into Darkness
9. Awakening


Skeletoon were formed in 2007 as a tribute band for Helloween. As years passed, the band members wanted to try something new, so they started making and recording their own music. In 2016 they released their debut album “The Curse of the Avenger” which featured 8 tracks. In 2017 Skeletoon are back with a new album, this time named “Ticking Clock”.

The Album is consisted of 9 tracks which vary with their own style.  The whole album is balanced between fast paced songs in which you can recognize a little Iron Maiden influence, and slow ballads which keep the heavy-power metal balance.

The opening song of the album is “Dreamland” which starts just as an intro, but as it progresses it becomes a power metal classic with fast drum fills, fast guitar riffs and beautiful solos. The vocals are just complementing the perfect instrument mix. Going further in the album “Drowning Sleep” is heavier than the opening song. It clearly shows that the band is not a strict power metal band and it shakes you up. Continuing through all the seven remaining tracks you get mix of feelings from energy and relaxation which give the mix of the full album.

Being a band which has newly started writing their own music, they did a pretty good job creating “Ticking Clock”, although, sometimes while listening to it, you can get the feel that you are listening to covers of some tracks. But, having in mind that this is a band which is still young, we can just wish them the best in the future, and more energizing albums like this one !

Reviewed by: Kire Jovanovski