Skat Injector/Nekrokyrpä – Mung Dungeon

Rating: 2/5
Distributor/label: Cruel Nature Records
Released: 2015
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Band Lineup skat injector

Skat Injector- Zara Thustra
Carrie Clitter
Flange Magnus


1. Skat Injector – Phantom Prowler
2. Skat Injector – Chat Room Predator
3. Skat Injector – Coprophagist Food Fight
4. Skat Injector – Genital Re-route Malfunction
5. Skat Injector – Rats Through The Speculum
6. Skat Injector – Deep Throat Bulimia
7. Skat Injector – Silent Perverter
8. Nekrokyrpä – Nekrokyrpä


Sometimes it’s hard to know what to say when reviewing an album and we always like to cover the weird and wonderful at IV, but never before have I been given the challenge of writing about something so abhorrent, so sickening and degraded as these 9 tracks include titles such as “Coprophagist Food Fight” and “Rats Through The Speculum”; all courtesy of Newcastle’s Cruel Nature Records!

This tape, limited to 40 copies (skat-cult anyone?) combines the brute force of bad Brits Skat Injector and the Finish Nekrokyrpa- and if you want a reason to delete your internet search history, please visit Nekro’s official site; the contact page of which shouts “NO CONTACT! FUCK OFF!” above a picture of a Japanese woman eating her own vomit. They have only 1 track on there but it’s long one and virtually no bio/info regarding their history or style.

Skat Injector, is a band with a bit more information available about them. Coming from London, they have a respectable underground following, whilst claiming to be managed by “Keith Chegwin” and having formed on 11th October 1066. I’m calling (bull)shit, although I suppose they’d probably like that wouldn’t they!?

In terms of music, this is intense, experimental, noisy and a goddamn racket, featuring porn samples, gabba techno influences and depraved song titles such as “Deep Throat Bulimia”. The sounds differ little between the two bands, both with somewhat of a late 90’s aesthetic, when the internet was a weird world of even dodgier porn and more obscure websites that nobody understood- best shown by “Chat Room Predator”.

If you are looking to be as sonically disturbed as possible through the old school medium of a C20, this may be your best bet. It’s possible that one out of that 40 owners of this will think it is absolute understated genius, but for the rest of us, it will leave you feeling uncomfortable, confused and maybe slightly violated.

Review by Jarod Lawley