Simmer – Paper Prisms

Rating: 4/5
Released: 2016
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Simmer - Paper PrismsBand line-up:

Julius Schiazza: vocals and guitar
Gary Twigg: drums
Jake Plumb: bass


01. Faze
02 . Control
03 . Antwerp
04 . Calendar
05 . Sinewy
06 . Gold
07 . Charles
08 . Caliche
09 . Paper Prism
10 . Crease


After two praised EPs – “Your Tonal Mess” and “Yellow Streak” – Simmer are about to get even bigger recognition with their debut LP “Paper Prisms”. Now, calling them “atmospheric, down-tempo punk” is probably a stretch, but they are indeed blowing a fresh breeze into the shoegaze scene.

This is one of those albums where each song has its distinct mark, yet all of them have the band’s identity imprinted all over. Whether it’s the irreverence of “Faze”, the melancholy of “Antwerp”, the minimalism of “Calendar” or the richness of “Charles”, this trio from Cheshire “messes” around with such class that no matter how far they deviate from the traditional structure (highlighting the guitar riffs, riding on variable rhythms), they somehow find a way to return to the origins and reproduce “that” familiar sound. The result is a diverse but coherent record, balanced on both restless and introspective emotions. A must-listen within this genre.

Review by Renata Lino