Silent Jack – Snakebite by Buck Dingo

Rating: 3/5
Distributor/label:  S J Records
Released:  December 22, 2013
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Silent Jack - Snakebite CoverBand line-up:

Rich ‘Stitch’ Mason – vocals and guitar
Adam Carson – lead guitar
Dickie Spider – bass
Scott Carson – drums and backing vocals


01. Brand New Start
02. King Cobra
03. Going Down
04. Love Factory
05. Angels Cry
06. Made In Heaven
07. Hot Luvin’


I could imagine Silent Jack passing out flyers and rocken alongside the likes of Sweet FA, Tyketto and Pretty Boy Floyd on the Sunset strip circa 1988.

These guys are all about the Hair Metal party.  Their album Snakebite is filled with all the trappings of those classic Metal Edge glam/sleaze bands. They’ve packed the record with verse/verse/memorable chorus then guitar solo, repeat chorus tunes.  All of the expected innuendos are there, with a strong emphasis on their need for sexual gratification!

Rich ‘Stitch’ Mason’s vocals are reminiscent of David Roach of Junkyard mixed with a bit of Derek Davis (Babylon AD).  Adam Carson’s guitar work is catchy, but he really shines during the solo’s where you can hear a sneer and smirk as he lays it down.

Honestly, this is a fun throwback hair metal record, and it seems that’s all these guys are aiming for.  So if you’re a fan of the LA 80’s metal hayday, check these dudes out.

Review By Buck Dingo