Sigil – Kingdom Of The Grave

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/label: Horror Pain Gore Death Productions
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Released: 2017
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Band line-up on the album:

Alex Citrone  – Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar
Leda Ginestra – Bass
Andy Bonney – Lead Guitar
Jeremy Hassel – Drums

Live band line-up:

Alex Citrone  – Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar
Leda Ginestra – Bass
Thomas Schlicht – Lead Guitar
Jeremy Hassel – Drums


1. Death Unreal
2. Even The Gods Wil Burn
3. Lick The Blade
4. Kingdom Of The Grave
5. Summoning Hate
6. Strange Aeons
7. Bloodvisions
8. Death Won’t Kill Me


I wasn’t impressed when I got the debut album of the Texan band Sigil. They said it’s death metal, but the band’s logo doesn’t reveal this and the cover art looks like a low budget Riddickart painting. And this one sentence is the only negative thing I can say about Sigil’s debut ‘Kingdom Of The Grave’.

As soon as I pressed play I got excited. The sound is raw and a time machine back to the early 90s. No polished or overproduced sounds. The first song ‘Death Unreal’ starts with this slow evil riff, as soon as you hear the church bell the drummer Jeremy Hassel shows his talent on the double kick drum, then hell breaks loose with a fast thrashy riff – and these guys already have a new fan. Not to mention when the vocalist Alex Citrone starts to use his voice…

I have to talk about the intro of the title song; the viola by Eva Aldridge is pure misery. It is a perfect intro. It just fits perfectly with the lyrics of this fast track. Then comes ‘Summoning Hate’, an even faster song with blast beats and riffs which are more black metal than death. For me this is the pinnacle of this effort; if not ‘Strange Aeons’ which makes you want to turn into berserker in a mosh pit. There are eight songs on the album which is just a bit longer than half an hour. This is the best length for an album in my opinion.

All in all, ‘Kingdom Of The Grave’ is a great album – except the cover. It has everything that a good death metal record has to have. It’s not a game changer, but show me an old school death metal album from 2017 which is – you can’t show me one from the last decade or even more. It is an amazing fresh band who really put effort into their debut and I hope they will come and play in Europe.

Review by The Hun