London, Ontario’s SIG:AR:TYR are pleased to announce that they have signed with Hammerheart Records! 



SIG:AR:TYR is the brainchild of Daemonskald and started in 2003 with releasing “The Stranger” demo. Influenced by the Pagan/Viking worlds of ice and snow, and as a tribute to the ancient gods, Daemonskald built his strong reputation step by step.

Through the years Daemonskald and Hammerheart Records stayed in touch, and after releasing three fantastic full-length albums (too good to be left buried in the deep underground) both parties agreed that the time to start working together was now!

Daemonskald commented on this co-operation:

I’m very excited to be working with Hammerheart Records. They have a strong history in Pagan and Viking Metal, and I hope with the long-awaited release of my new album I can follow in that tradition. They were one of the first labels to reach out to me when I first started out way back in 2003, and now the stars are right for us to be working together and the circle is complete.

The label will release SIG:AR:TYR’s new album “Northen” in late 2015 or early 2016. In addition, the label will be re-releasing the projects first three albums.

Together these three classic CD releases will be re-worked and re-issued, the album titles are:
“Sailing the Seas of Fate” from 2005
“Beyond the North Winds” from 2008
“Godsaga” from 2010

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