Shores Of Null – Quiescence by DJ Rex

Band Name: Shores Of Null
Album Name: Quiescence
Rating: 3/5
Released: 24 March 2014

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ShoresOfNull 1 - Daniele Di Egidio (


01 0x0000
02 Kings Of Null
03 Souls Of The Abyss
04 Night Will Come
05 Ruins Alive
06 Quiescent
07 The Heap Of Meaning
08 Time Is A Waste Land
09 Pain Masquerade
10 Eudaemonia



This is without a doubt, a great album, but very much for the kind of crowd that “like this kind of thing” it’s extremely heavy, and fairly dark, some would call it death metal, some might call it thrash, others would go for black metal, some just simply metal, there are others that would even call it goth, personally I can’t stand the existence of “sub genres”, so for those who are fans of any form of dark and heavy metal, this is worth checking out and making you’re own mind up.

ShoresOfNull 2 - Daniele Di Egidio (

There is plenty of down sides to this album, the main one being, I found a lot of the album very “samey”, this of course isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but variety is said to be the “spice of life”. A lot of the drum lines and guitar riffs are the same as the track before, and the vocals for me were a little weak in places.

On a positive note though, I did get the feeling that this is the kind of album that would grow on a person after a number of listens. There is, without a doubt, a point of view, that would describe this album as – Crushing epic riffs and impressive gloomy vocals, combined with dismal lyrics and misty soundscapes.

Review by Dj Rex