Sheep on Drugs @ Bogiez, Cardiff

6th September 2013
Review & Photography by Rhys Heal

With no support acts this evening, UK electro-veterans Sheep on Drugs have all tonight’s energy reserves to themselves.

With a set spanning over 20 years since their inception in 1990, the rather eclectic mix of throbbing electronics, sexed-up cabaret and snarling, punk-nihilism doesn’t carry any build-up; there is just a sadistic push in to the deep end of a swirling mass of well-constructed room smashers that meld seamlessly in to one another.

Sheep on Drugs index_clip_image004_0007
Carrying us through tonight’s proceedings, ‘Legless’ ’15 Minutes of Fame’ and the pulverising ‘Machine Sex’ ring out fearlessly and make Bogiez seem far too small.
Sheep on Drugs index_clip_image006_0007
With an audience chomping at the bit to tear the place apart, Sheep on Drugs’ eccentricity makes this difficult, but not to their detriment; there is just so much going on that pausing for breath would risking missing something exquisite.
Sheep on Drugs index_clip_image008_0007
With so many juxtaposed elements mashed in together it would be far too easy to muddy the waters but this duo push every part to the very limit to make this both an aural assault and a visual delight.

Sheep on Drugs index_clip_image010_0007
Suffice to say, tonight’s set is tight and rings true of an act that have taken time to hone their craft.

It is easy to see that this is a labour of love, and taking in the fascinating instrumental incarnations and console-inspired hardware, it is clear that the end of the line for this act is nowhere near.

Sheep on Drugs index_clip_image012_0004
We need to see what this band will do next and with tonight’s show done, dusted and under their belt, we can be sure that it’ll be anything but unexciting.