She Must Burn – Grimoire

Rating: 4/5
Artery Recordings
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Released: 2017
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PromoImage.jpg 1aBand Line-up: 

Joseph Sinclair – Vocals
James Threadwell – Guitar
TBA – Keys
Jonny Davies – Guitar
Frank Korsair – Bass
Daniel Ristic – Drums


1. Ritual
2. The Wicked
3. Gloom
4. Hallowed Grounds
5. Victoria
6. A False Heaven
7. From The Grave
8. Roseblood
9. After Death


She Must Burn are a deathcore/black metal band from London. They released their self-titled EP in 2015, and unleashed their full length album, ‘Grimoire’, on March 3rd of this year. After starting, they soon led the way as the next wave of their genres, in the UK scene. They have toured with the likes of Carnifex, Cradle of Filth and Heart of a Coward. With such a promising beginning to their career, and in part because of their hard-work ethic, it’s only a matter of time before these guys make an even bigger name for themselves.

So, this is largely black metal. We all know what suggests; a fiercely conveyed aura of evil and chaos. However, SMB also have deathcore influences, so that means face-smashing breakdowns. What makes those fearless, trudging sections particularly delicious, are the hugely contrasting preceding tempos of ultra fast lightning storms. SMB do the changes better than many, and in a more extreme manner. What’s also interesting with this band, are the variety of riffs. You get the typical deathcore pedal tone ideas, but also the more advanced classical style chord progressions of bands such as Emperor.

Furthermore, with ‘Grimoire’, you are blessed with ghostly clean guitar work and orchestral strings. Evidently, this music is the on the more exploratory side of its genres; it is not plain, malevolent power chord stuff, a la ‘Deathcrush’. The composition throughout this album is not overdone, however. It is melodic, without being cheesy, and without losing its power. SMB are also an ensemble of contradiction; you get given a gentle instrumental piano piece, called ‘A False Heaven’. Even so, there is no hint of pretension with this band; ‘AFH’, it’s a genuinely good piece of dark, classical music, which could easily be the soundtrack of a modern day horror film.

Because of the symphonic features of this band’s music, you may expect to hear well-pitched female vocals, (think Epica). If so, you are right. This is just another component that keeps the album fresh, from start to finish. A little strangely, along with the expected shrieks of pain, some of the male singing has a kind of commercial quality. (At least in the chorus of ‘Victoria’). This may for a brief period, put some fans off the music. Especially those who long for the perhaps ‘good old days’, where things were more underground. The drumming is certainly far from raw, making ‘Grimoire’ even more distant from the first and second waves of BM.

In conclusion, this is music well above the average of the standard BM/DC band. Its combination of genres, though perhaps just a tad surprising, works well. The production is so perfected, it doesn’t sound ‘honest’, or even possible. However, if you’re curious about what a drum kit sounds like at 1000 miles per hour, with relatively little variety in dynamics, go for it, and give it a listen. Actually, I would recommend this album to any fan of their styles. It’s that good.

Review by: Simon the Mighty