SHAVED WOMEN premiere new track at Noisey – Music By Vice

Noise-rock malcontents SHAVED WOMEN premiere the new track “Is It Worth It” at heavily trafficked tastemakers Noisey – Music By Vice.

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The song hails from SHAVED WOMEN’s forthcoming album, Just Death, set for international release on August 8th via EKTRO RECORDS. Giving maladjusted hope to aspiring psychopaths everywhere, this fat slab is full of tasty jams. The distorted, buzzsaw riffs make you want to carry around a knife, not a switchblade.
The John-Bonham-meets-the-Incredible Hulk drums make you want you start a fight with a wall until you have less bones. The vocals drill into your head and convince you that the only way out is to slam through the ground, tearing all of your friends’ designer blouses while failing through the wormhole. Simply put, this sounds like the tension of blood boiling after a car accident – if it was catchy.
Coming on their fourth year as a band with releases in the ether, SHAVED WOMEN aren’t succumbing to the usual slump that some bands take on after doing some real tours and getting the name out there. This isn’t indicative of a sophomore, junior, or senior slump.
No, SHAVED WOMEN will at least make it to community college and drop out. For the rest of you quitters, here’s a record to attach your anger to and do what you see fit during each jam, most likely going fists-first out of your windshield when your car wants to fight other cars. Hear for yourself exclusivelyHERE, courtesy of Noisey – Music By Vice.
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Tracklisting for SHAVED WOMEN’s Just Death
1. No One Gets In
2. Paranoia
3. Relapse
4. I Don’t Belong Here
5. Bottom Feeder
6. Is It Worth It
7. Tired Again
8. Just Death
9. World Of Change