Shaun Hodge, Interviewed by Jo Blackened

Shaun is a London based Photographer who is always looking for new ideas and uses his creativity to produce interesting and beautiful images. He enjoys experimenting with lighting and using his skills to create photography which is fresh and captivating.
Shaun’s work is not limited to any genre or field, he likes to explore all sides of photography. Some of his work features Fashion, Editorial, Art Nude, Alternative, Sports, Landscape and much more. He has also been published numerous times in such publications as Vogue Italia, Imagemaker and Asian Bride magazines and he has won many photo competitions.

Hey Shaun, thanks for taking time to for this interview. I have to start by saying how much I love your work!
I have followed your career for awhile now & I am always inspired by what you produce from your photography!

How did it all begin?
The photography started as a default of stopping drinking and smoking.
As I saved the money from these two vices, I purchased photography equipment. The people portraiture type photography was an interest I just wanted to try…like an experiment I suppose.

You come up with some great concepts in your photography work, where do you draw your ideas and inspiration from?
Well this is interesting as I don’t subscribe too or follow any other well-known names, I just tend to take each shoot as its own entity. Every shoot so far has been different, so quite interesting.

What equipment to do you use? Do you feel your equipment is just as important as passion when starting out in photography?
I’m a Nikon person. Over the last 6 years I have been lucky enough to get some quality glass. I believe the overriding thing with photography is passion. You can create great images with almost every device, the important thing is the light and its quality.

A decent photographer will create a good image with most things but a bad one will not be able to create a good image even with the best equipment. To see and visualise is important.
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Do you always work alone in your projects, or do you have an assistant?
I tend to work alone, although there have been occasions when my wife has helped!

You have shot some amazing & stunning models, do you book them from agencies or do you find networking sites help?
I have not used an agency, so it all began with Net Model and similar networking sites. Now it’s referrals a lot of the time.
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What has been your favourite shoot to date and why?
My first shoot with Holly Ivoryflame – I was very nervous, but she was a star and put me at ease and taught me a lot about etiquette…will never forget that day!

Have you ever had any photography training/education?
I have done a couple of little courses, but have found that actually shooting and experimenting is the best way…for me anyway.

In your opinion, what do you feel makes a good/bad photographer?
A bad one is easy – a rude and arrogant person who believes he/she is the best thing since sliced bread and tries to control models!
A good photographer is one that thinks outside of the box.
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If you could shoot anyone, who would it be and why?
Tina Turner – always had a fascination with her, as the Acid queen in the movie Tommy.

Where has been your favourite place to shoot so far?
I love locations for shooting. The best shoot was in Paris for a clothing designer.
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You have shot in some impression venues; do you have your own studio?
No I don’t have my own studio, but do use a room in the house as a studio most of the time.

Do you prefer to shoot inside or out?
Location is great, but winter months indoors is best for certain shoots.
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Have you had any exhibitions or publications of your work?
Yes to both. I’m hoping to do my own exhibition at the end of the year in London!

If you could be featured anywhere, where would it be?
A regular contributor to Vogue/Hello haha – no I’m just a hobbist!
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Do you feel professional photographers are finding it harder or easier to get paid work today?
Without a doubt harder, the mystery of photography has gone with Digital and Photoshop
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How do you feel regarding models, who prefer to shoot TFP?
If they do it for fun and no one gets harmed why not?
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What advice would you give to anyone wanting to become involved in photography, as a hobby or professionally?
Treat people with respect and you will earn it back!
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Lastly, are there any links/sites models can contact you in the future?