Progressive metal is one of the most diverse beasts of heavy music, open to incorporating generic influences from a bewildering range of sources. So if a band like Seven7 mentions influences as diverse as classical, flamenco, jazz and Middle Eastern music, as well as more conventional names in progressive and groove metal, you can believe the music contained within is going to be a fascinating cluster of songs to unwrap and unravel. 



Having already established their position at the forefront of progressive metal, Seven7 unveil their third record The Follower. An abundance of powerful riffs emerge from acclaimed guitarist Nicolas Meier, across a backdrop of thick yet masterful bass work and top-notch drumming, and a richly voiced frontman tops it off with his burly rock singing. Taking cues from a myriad of names such as Fates Warning, Alice In Chains and Carl Orff, The Follower is a fascinating listen with much to discover.

Each of the tracks owns its unique facets: the Eastern feel adorning the guitar work in “Palms” and “Business” complement the rumbling tones underneath, with Dave Brown showcasing his grunge-inflected tones in the dark choruses. Meanwhile, the title track evokes a classic 80s progressive metal ambience, and “Magic Box” is a swinging groove-infused number. Perhaps the pièce de resistance of the album, however, is in “Euthanasia”, easily the most original reinterpretation to date of Carl Orff’s classical masterpiece “O Fortuna” from Carmina Burana. A track, and album, that demands to be experienced for its breadth of vision and depth of execution.

The Follower is available on Bandcamp.

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Seven7 are:
Dave Brown – Vocals
Nicolas Meier – Guitars, Glissentar and Baglama
Arran McSporran – Fretless Bass
Luke Nelson – Drums and Percussion
Sally Jo – Electric Violin [post-album recording]

All lyrics by Dave Brown
All music by Nicolas Meier
Recorded at MGP Studios in Guildford, UK
Mixed and Mastered by Dave Hollingworth and Rabea Massaad
Artwork by Songul Yilmaz-Meier


The Follower (2014)

Under Eye (2011)

Try Something Different (2009)

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