Seven Year Storm – AION I

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/Label: Self-released –
Released: 2015


Band Line-up:

Sean Lang – Drums, Programming and Composition
Dean Lamb – Lead Guitar
Brent Mackenzie – Bass


1. Morphogenesis
2. Dyatlov
3. Virtue
4. Nazca Lines
5. Blue Car Syndrome



‘Seven Year Storm’ is the instrumental project of drummer Sean Lang. After being encouraged to take his work to the next level Lang has written and produced two EPs to be released consecutively, Aion I and Aion II, recorded in collaboration with Dean Lamb (lead guitar) and Brent Mackenzie (bass).

Opening track ‘Morphogenesis’ is captivating with its soft introduction breaking into an impressive array of polyrhythmic fusion. This is composed, programmed and executed incredibly well. Dean Lamb’s lead guitar work is the perfect companion to the complex drum rhythms that give this band an edge.
The second track ‘Dyatlov’ settles the pace slightly and introduces a subtle orchestral sound, fleshed out with sweeping solos and melodic fills. A quiet interlude takes hold allowing for a breath, before descending into percussive led, melodic grooves. ‘Virtue’ opens with space-inducing synths before continuing with previous tracks’ similar themes in the guitars, however it provides more of a showcase for Lang’s drumming style.
Fourth track ‘Nazca Lines’ once again demonstrates their tight composition skills and combines the efforts of all the previous tracks into multiple layers of melodic experimentation and dramatic delivery. ‘Blue Car Syndrome’ closes the album with a final display of Lang’s drumming and Lamb’s guitar work.

This album is littered with subtle instrumental fills and complex rhythms that I’m sure will keep the prog enthusiasts out there busy for a while. My only criticism of this release is the lack of dynamics result in a one-dimensional aesthetic, but this is often a problem with programmed music and the heavily compressed guitar tone does little to improve this.

Overall this is a good release and it is nice to hear a new instrumental band, Seven Year Storm have the potential to add a new dimension to progressive metal. Aion II is on its way…

Review by Helen Collins