Seven That Spells – The Death And Resurrection Of Krautrock: IO by Ben Spencer

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/ Label:
Released: 2014
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seven that spells

Band Members

Nikola Babić – drums
Jeremy White – bass, voc
Niko Potočnjak – guitar

Additional musicians

Albin Julius / Synths, hammond, kazoo
Nikola Urošević / Throat singing

Track listing

1. IN II
2. IO
3. ONE

Having gained a strong underground cult following, Seven That Spells are a band that has had over 60 contributing artists to their live performance as well as a slot at Roadburn Festival 2009. Full of psychedelic influences, the band’s music focuses around anything from Viking Funeral Rites to a strong remembrance of Indo European roots.

Unravelling with an intense drum solo and hook laden guitars, the pace of ‘In II’ glides along with ease as the rumbling bass remains solid throughout. Around mid way, the track slows down into a more dense terrain, as the psychedelic pull leaks into the mix.

‘IO’ enters with a strong vocal chant, that is refreshing and complimentary to the intricate guitar work that follows. The tight sounding drum work remains consistent before an ambient passage drifts in, showcasing something darker with the band’s sound. However, it is the intense guitar strums that really keep the momentum going.

Personal favourite, ‘Burning Blood’ breaks in with impressive drums, clear sounding vocals and plenty of distorted sounding guitars to keep the prog influences beaming bright. The track also features some tight sounding bass lines that keep everything locked in.

‘Out II’, opens with clean guitar strumming remains reminiscent of the opening track, giving the record a cohesive feel. Meanwhile, the vocals remain as prominent as ever before dispersing into distance.

Even though this may not be for everyone, Seven That Spells are a band who certainly have their own sound going on, and what’s more they do what they do rather well. Full of infectious guitars and proggy undertones, this is something that is different from other albums I have heard so far this year and on that merit alone it is certainly an interesting ride to embark on.