Set Before Us – Enigmas

Rating: 3,5/5
Distributor/label: Self-Released
Distributor/label URL: N/A
Released: 2016
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Band Website: https://www.facebook. com/SetBeforeUs/

enigmasBand line-up:

Erik Tropp – Vocals
Niklas Edström – Rhythm Guitar & Vocals
Hampus Andersson – Bass
Emanuel Borgefors – Drums
Jesper Nilsson – Lead Guitar


1. Clay Heart
2. Earth Destroyer
3. Peripheral Vision
4. Eye To Eye
5. Dusk/Dawn


Even though I like bands such as The End Of Grace and Betraying The Martyrs, meaning I’m quite fond of contrasts, the first time I’ve heard Erik Tropp’s death metal growls against the silvery melodies of “Clay Heart”, something felt off. But I know that some songs – full records even – don’t always “kick in” at first, so I gave it another couple of shots; by the third listening that divergence sounded fitting. Or maybe, past that first impact, I was finally able to grasp the details of the composition and realize that it was pretty good after all.

Comprised of five tracks, this new EP “Enigmas” features all the juicy treats metalcore/deathcore fans so much appreciate – the avalanche of breakdowns in the aforementioned “Clay Heart” (probably the strongest track, hence being the EP opener), the catchy chorus of “Earth Destroyer”, the triumphant riffing, with a very straight-forward level of complexity and solid bass line in “Peripheral Vision”, the vibrant rhythm of “Eye To Eye” (my personal favorite precisely for its briskness) and the introvert “Dust/Dawn”.

Set Before Us’ songwriting isn’t exactly unique but it’s diverse and creative enough for “Enigmas” to be recommended. And if they manage to match live the intensity they produce in the studio, then they’re definitely on the right path towards making a name for themselves.

Review by Renata Lino