Sepultura @ 02 Islington Academy

30th June 2011, Review & Photography by Sabrina Dersel

O2 Islington Academy was packed tonight as the Brazilian Heavy Metal band Sepultura had a full house tonight!
The show starts with a furious instrumental intro, setting up the tone for what is to come….
The title track of their classic album from 1991 ‘Arise’ is the first song of tonight and what a beginning! Horns and screams are filling up the venue; After all this is the 20th birthday of this album!

Front man Derrick Green; who joined the band is 97, is a massive man with his black dreadlocks flying in the air! He has an incredible presence on the stage, he owns it! Andreas Kisser; on guitar, is shredding like there is no tomorrow, so powerful and sounding like it should be, as Bassist Paulo JR is interacting so much with fans from the front row ,which drives them even crazier!

Everyone is definitely enjoying tonight s gig! Drummer Jean Dolabella is pretty fierce on his drums and keeps the whole thing going stronger and stronger as the night goes on.

The very varied setlist is made to group songs from most of their albums, especially Dante XXI, A Lex, Kairos as well as the older hits from the Max era, ’Refuse’ and ‘Territory’. Tonight‘s show finishes on the highest and craziest note possible, with ‘Rattamahata’ and ‘Roots Bloody Roots’.

The audience is going wild, headbanging like animals!!!

Yes it will always be a bit weird to see Sepultura perform without the Cavalera brothers but Derrick and his guys do a pretty good damn job and keeping the band alive and keeping the fans happy to hear the new and old tracks. This is a very solid band who has many more years to come!