Senses Fail @ The Underworld, London

With Senses Fail, Marmozets and Hand Guns
30th May 2013
Review by by Kealie Mardell

Typically packed to the brim and bursting with eager fans, the Underworld turn-out was a little disappointing. Maybe the eclectic mash-up featuring pop-punk alongside post-hardcore veterans left fans confused. None the less, this was a memorable night and nobody could deny the energy and enthusiasm unleashed by all.

Headliners Senses Fail first hit the scene over a decade ago, whether you remember them as fresh blood or you’re a new fan, there’s no denying their long running success and impressive fan base. Seeing them return to London alongside British bred Marmozets was an exciting venture and one not to be missed.

Kicking the night off were classic pop-punkers Hand Guns. Although not what was to be expected alongside Marmozets and Senses Fail this was an energetic and enjoyable opening. While Hand Guns aren’t offering anything ground breaking, they took me by surprise with a fresh sound and some catchy songs.

Next up was the outstanding performance of Marmozets. No stranger to The Underworld, Marmozets have a well-grounded reputation and a solid following, an impressive feat for such a young band. This British offering delivers some of the most exciting stage shows, and tonight they certainly didn’t disappoint. The intense vocals and ear splitting screams of front woman Becca Macintyre strike out, promising everything that this band is ready to unleash.

Marmozets gave fans a taste of their latest release “Move, Shake, Hide” from their upcoming album. The exciting rage bursting from the band couldn’t be contained, as they broke free from the stage and into the crowd. Not wanting to miss out on the action, drummer Josh Macintyre even brings his entire drum kit down to the pits for their finale song “Vexed”. This chaotic and unforgettable end to an incredible set is the reason this band is destined to keep getting bigger and better.
Senses Fail bring the night to a close in style with an impressive array of sound, from the pop-punk essence of their earlier songs, to the much heavier post-hardcore sounds of their latest album ‘Renacer’. An impressive back catalogue through six albums provides spice and variety to truly excite their fans.

Frontman Buddy Nielson entertains the crowd in between songs, so much so that you could mistake your surroundings for an underground stand-up comedy. His light-hearted humour means you can’t help but fall in love with this band, from the jokes to the passionate performance which drives the crowd wild.

Senses Fail delivers high powered energy, with fans singing and jumping along in true die hard fashion.
Without a doubt this set left me wanting to retrieve their old albums and keep an ear out for what they can deliver next. Relenting to the cries for an encore Senses Fail close the night with “Bite to Break Skin” which unleashes a fury of stage diving and crowd surfing, in what proves to be possibly the biggest pit of the night.
In a quick round up, this night had something for everyone – truly energetic and unforgettable.

3.You’re Cute When You Scream
4.Lady In A Blue Dress
6.Shark Attack
8.The Path
9.The Rapture
10.Choke on This
11.Rum Is For Drinking, Not For Burning
12.Mi Amor
14.Calling All Cars
15.Buried A Lie
16.Can’t Be Saved
17.Bloody Romance
18.Encore: Bite To Break Skin