Sedna – Self Titled EP

Rating: 3/5
Distributor/Label: Unsigned
Released: 2014
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sednaBand Line up

Elyza – Bass/Voice
Taio – Drums
Nil – Guitar/voice

Album Track listing

1. Sons of the ocean
2. Sons of isolation
3. Life | Ritual
4. Sons of the ancients



Having focused their sound towards themes of divinity, the Italian trio known as Sedna are set to unleash their blend of Black, Doom and Post Metal concoction in the form of a self titled EP. The four track offering also features the band’s creative friends, performing as guest musicians, highlighting the band’s unity and passion for what they do.

Opening with the brooding guitars of ‘Sons of Ocean’, the track wades in with a high sense of anticipation. The enraged Black Metal shrieks and speedy drums pave the way forward throughout the bulk of the track, before lapsing into an array of ambient instrumentation.

Next up, ‘Sons of Isolation’ paves its way with a greater sense of agony as the gritty sounding riffs and heavy drum pounds slam down with a weighty sounding pace before cranking everything up to exhilarating pace.

Closing off with, ‘Sons of the Ancients’ the clean guitar led intro showcase a more sombre stance before scaling its way upward into a metallic wall of noise and double kick pedals, as the band reveal just how well measured these guys are their influences and ability to keep things interesting.

Whilst this may not be the most ground breaking piece of music to come out this year, credit must go to Sedna’s ability to weave together so many influences. Full of darkness and desperation this an EP that is likely to quench the thirst of many Post Black fans and keep them re listening to the band’s well layered wall of noise.

Review by Ben Spencer