Secure – Awake

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/Label: 592556 Records DK
Distributor/Label URL: N/A
Released: 18/3/17
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Secure AwakeBand Line-up:

Gorbatov Pavel – Vocals
Petrov Vladimir – Guitar
Lakhov Andrey – Bass
Pleshakov Vlad – Drums

Track Listing:

1. The Song
2. Day After Day
3. Dead Point
4. Up Against The Wall
5. Fake Mask
6. The Answer Is You
7. Surroun(dead)
8. Water Into The Sand
9. Lost Fools (feat. Andrew Vantula)
10. Lost In The Routine Of Our Days


The whole DIY-approach to making music is something to be admired. It requires a hell of a lot of hard work and takes only the most die-hard to achieve some form of success. Russia’s SECURE are doing it the hard way with their DIY ethic, but is it to be a successful endeavour?

“Awake” is really rather an enjoyable romp through a rough-and-ready brand of melodic hardcore. There’s hints of bands like MORNE in the key crunchy-hardcore sound, but it grabs you about the ears with those melodic choruses. Clocking in at a little under half-an-hour, it is a tight and focused jaunt that will make for one hell of a great night out in the pit. “Day After Day” bounces along with a near-upbeat spirit, right up until it’s heavy-arse breakdown towards the end and sets somewhat of a precedent for the remainder of the record. Single “Up Against The Wall” ramps up the melodicism, even with the harsh vocals, through that stratospheric chorus, whilst “Lost Fools” (featuring the talents of Andrew Vantula) bristles with an emotive anger that feels almost tangible.

There’s energy and life pumping through the veins of the record and it makes for a pleasing spin. One indicator for enjoyment is the quick passing of time, and the half-an-hour running time for “Awake” whizzes past in a blink. There’s certainly no reinvention of the wheel with what SECURE have produced, by any means. It’s hardcore with a keen sense for melody – hardly rocket science. But when it’s performed with such heart and earnestness, it hardly seems to matter. A prime example is evident in closer “Lost In The Routine Of Our Days”; an aching rager with more than a little bleakness woven amongst it. The jaded nature it conveys mirrors 2017 rather appropriately and provides a splendid catharsis.

SECURE have a knack for writing solid tunes and it shows on “Awake”. The album is a very strong collection of songs that encourage re-listens and will stir up plenty of fun for the mosh monkeys in a live setting. It’s aggressive and melodic in one; light and shade in equal measure and makes for an enjoyable ride. If you weren’t awake before, you most certainly will be after this.

Review by Lee Carter