Sea Monsters 2 – Best Of Brighton One Inch Badge, Various Compilation 2 by Jo Blackened

1. Restlesslist- Magma
2. Nullifier – Canguu Thunderbolts
3. Munich – Hero of Mine
4. Tall Ships – Hit the Floor
5. Soft Arrows – The Arcade Grave
6. Fear of Men – Doldrums
7. Tyrannosaurus Dead – 1992
8. The Physics House Band – Titan
9. Speak Galactic – Long Distances
10. DA-10 – Respirator
11. Squadron Leaders – Brothel Creepers

1. Sons of Noel and Adrian – Rise
2. Us Baby Bear Bones – Rain
3. Jumping Ships – Talisman
4. Black Black Hills – Celebration
5. Heliopause – Try to Lose
6. Robert Stillman – Impossible Tree
7. Twin Brother – Backseat Routine
8. Cinemascopes – Small Blue Waves
9. Negative Pegasus – Floating Omen
10. I’m being Good – Nanoparty
11. Plague Sermon – Black Sleep
12. Sea Bastard – Taedium

Sea Monsters 2 is a 23 track compilation of the most crucial new bands coming out of Brighton, England in 2012!

Following last year’s celebration of Brighton’s musical underground. SEA MONSTERS has expanded by five extra bands and nearly 40 extra minute, showing that the talent is just growing out there.

Since last years Sea Monsters, One Inch Badge (or OIB) have promoted 114 shows throughout the UK for over 300 bands…and still counting!

It’s been an amazing year for Brighton since the last Sea Monsters: a wealth of new DIY scenes emerged around new venues The Green Door Store and The Haunt; new promoters emerged to bring some of the most exciting and experimental international music to Brighton. The Maccabees, The Kooks, Esben and the Witch, Rizzle Kicks and Gross Magic all released some incredible material proving Brighton is the place for the Alternative British music scene.

There is no doubt this is one incredible release and just demonstrates the alternative scene is still growing and improving with some serious talent out there! The album is full of an experimental set of music that switches genres but I have to say I loved so many of the bands featured here, it would take too long to list all my faves!

I strongly recommend you give this compilation a go, as you may be surprised at just how good these bands are. I really enjoyed this album and one that had my foot tapping the whole way through leaving me with a really feel good happy feeling!

It is no surprise they scored over 4000 plays in its first week alone you can stream the entire Sea Monsters 2 compilation but clicking on the link above…so give it a listen!