Schoolcraft – Rushing Through The Sky by Victoria Fenbane

Rating: 2.5/5
Distributor/label: Arcane Records
Band line-up:
Lindsay Schoolcraft

1. Into The Night
2. Your Mind
3. December Rain
4. You Forever
5. Masquerade
6. Darkness Falls
7. December Rain (Instrumental)

Canadian Lindsay Schoolcraft was pretty much unknown to the world, until early 2013 when she joined Cradle of Filth as backing vocalist and keyboardist. In her own right, she is a classically trained solo artist, who released her debut EP ‘Rushing Through The Sky’, which is available via download, before becoming a part of CoF.

Hugely influenced by artists such as Evanescence, Within Temptation and We Are The Fallen, this is more symphonic rock than the expected metal, being a piano heavy gentle affair. However using the term symphonic to describe the sound is pushing it to it’s limits.

Yes there are strings (in particular the Celtic harp), but these are in no way orchestral, and at no point is the vocal style operatic. The EP lays in the same genre defying territory as Evanescence, not quite goth enough, or rock enough,

It is a very personal album to Lindsay with each song inspired by some feat she has confronted.. All the lyrics are included on the download page, for those who wish to investigate further. Overall ‘Rushing Through The Sky’ is very well produced and the music is well suited to Lindsay’s gentle vocal style.

Despite her links to CoF there is not even a hint of metal, or even much darkness here amongst the pretty melodies, so be forwarned! It is one of those released that will capture you in the right way at certain time, if at all, solely down to the emphasis on lyrics.

Lindsay has big plans: “Rushing Through The Sky” is just an introduction to the many works she has written and plans to release over the years. Perhaps linking up with extreme metallers will lead to an evolution of style, but for now see this as an experimental feeler release and the start of a work in progress.