Schöngeist – Wehe! by Nataly Night

Rating: 5/5
Distributor/Label: SPV
Band Website:


1. Wehe!
2. Tief!
3. Wieder
4. Zusammen allein
5. Ich bin dafür
6. Es zählen die Sekunden
7. Kenne mich
8. Traumtanz
9. Lebe
10. Where the Wild Roses Grow


Band line-up:

Timur Karakus – Vocals
Henriette Becker – Violin
Daniel Beutner – Guitar
Michael Hirschberger – Guitar
Andreas Socher – Bass
Manuel Di Camillo – Drums


Schöngeist’s music keeps on attracting new fans simply being qualitative, diverse, tuneful and accessible supplemented with meaningful lyrics and mesmerizing vocals of singer Timur Karakus. The band already recorded 3 studio albums including the latest creation ‘Wehe!’ which originally came out in August 2013. However it’s never too late to write a review.

First of all it should be said that the new album comparably differs from its predecessors yet the difference is not as drastic as it may seem because this time the record combines the rich guitar sound so lavishly presented on ‘Keine Zeit’ and ‘Liebeskrieger’ with delicate melodiousness and lyricism. As a result we get a chance to appreciate a solid, mature record when all the compositions are united with an inner concept and at the same time each of them turns to be an independent, complete piece of music.

The opening track Wehe! gently prepares listeners to the sonic variety that follows and with every sound you immerse into a charming world where stories start to unfold and without a doubt this music journey will be more than pleasant. Tumur’s voice, slightly constrained invites you into a mysterious forest of sounds and inspiration. The violin makes the graceful tune even more exquisite. Heartfelt, enchanting Tief! flows into maybe one of the most interesting musically songs on the album entitled Wieder with its gliding rhythm and somewhat nostalgic mood when the melodic yet gloomy riffs create a feeling of cold and dark emptiness. At the same time it evokes fantasies about distant, mysterious lands isolated from the rest of the world.

The rest of the material is even more heartfelt and expressive when every song is like a revelation. The epic track that deserves to be marked out is definitely Ich bin dafür: despondency and illusory hope of salvation captivate a listener immediately. At the beginning it seems that the music comes from a distance and doesn’t affect you much but in some time there disappears everything except these quiet, even, doleful sounds.

The expressiveness of the songs in whole sometimes even goes overboard arousing a range of feelings that are mostly different facets of melancholy. The album may be regarded as a motion picture on its own where the plot arises and develops in the first three compositions gradually increasing tension until everything bursts with Zusammen allein which is like a culminating point of the story and then it’s time to plunge into one’s thoughts or memories accompanied by harmonious, smooth melodies.

Speed and energetic Es zählen die Sekunden despite somewhat sadness of the lyrics is meant to bring hope. The yearning for freedom becomes more distinct and the music intensifies that sense. But anyway the track finishes abruptly and the feeling of pleasant melancholy returns with the next song. Kenne mich attracts your attention with its beautiful lyrics and wonderful melody and produced an impression of something enigmatic but at the same you can’t help feeling anguish and lost. Even Traumtanz doesn’t change the situation yet it still turns the picture into somewhat positive direction.

In closing Lebe, a kind of “happy end” with its inspiring appeal “Live! Love!” but when the music fades it’s getting obvious that the picture is still open-ended. And of course don’t forget about the great cover version of Where the Wild Roses Grow that appears to be a kind of relief after the emotional tension the previous tracks make you feel.

Well, I tried to be objective but this time my inner critic failed as I didn’t notice any glaring shortcomings so ‘Wehe!’ is merely good or maybe, it would be great to add more guitar solos yet it’s just a matter of taste. Besides the presence of the violin compensates everything. And of course you can’t notice all the music peculiarities at once as the album starts revealing its secrets only to the most attentive and devoted listeners.
But anyway ‘Wehe!’ really amazes at first sounds and contains a lot of excellent, qualitative tracks.
The material is diverse enough and everyone will find something that suits their taste.

Review by Nataly Night