Club Schism

Schism is a bit like a cult. They don’t really advertise, most people have never heard of it, but yet it gets busier and busier with every passing month. I have come to the belief that you dont discover Schism. It discovers you.

Once you’ve been recruited to the ranks of dedicated Schism-goers, you’re hooked- its a life-cycle that has been replicating quietly for over six years now (its their 7th Birthday event on 6th February) and is still going strong. Its no wonder really. Schism are always coming up with superiority inventive ways to draw a crowd- from pyrotechnics and theme nights, to a membership scheme which offers discounted entry and a free shot all for just a tenner.

There is always something new and exciting going on each month- its never just the same old same old. To be fair though, if it was boring you wouldn’t notice, because the drinks are so cheap you’ll barely remember your own name by the end of the night, let alone anything else.


Schism is run by Tom, Steve and Chris, who between them list Stevie Wonder, Samurai Jack and Prison Break as some of their interests, so you know you’re in for a varied and interesting night. Seriously though, music at Schism is a bit of everything- anything from Incubus to Slipknot, Tool to Pendulum, Blur to NIN, and much more. You won’t be disappointed.

Membership information, the forum and galleries are at, and any other information can be found on their Facebook page (search Schism Rockclub) or the group (gid=2228711079)