Scarred Interview With Jeff Jonas And Diogo Bastos

@ The Gryphon, Bristol.
10th October 2015
Interview by Toria Morgan

Interview with bassist Jeff Jonas and guitar and backing vocalist Diogo Bastos of the Death/Thrash metal band Scarred just before their gig in Bristol at The Gryphon. The band were touring the UK with Tasmanian band Psycroptic and hail from Luxembourg. The two were in good spirits and kind enough to give me their time for an interview.

Scarred Interview by Toria Morgan @ The Gryphon, Bristol.

How long have you been touring up to now?
Jeff: Two weeks.

How long have you guys been a band?

Diogo: Under the name Scarred we actually started in 2004 when we released our first demo, the band was called Requiem before, and it was actually our current bass player and drummer are the remaining members of that formation back in the day. So as of 2004 I’d say 11 years.

Is there a moment in your lives that you can pin point, where you decided that music was what you wanted to do as a career?

Diogo: For me it would be Wacken 2002 and I saw Children Of Bodum live and they had released the Follow The Reaper album. I saw them live, I’d always wanted to be a drummer but since my parents had split up and we had to live in apartments and it wasn’t possible so, after Wacken Open Air, I told my dad he had to buy me a guitar for Christmas.

Jeff: For me it was basically just the first show we did as a band, even a small as sh** show, it was ten people, but you know, I like the feeling of being on stage and playing.

So what other artists influence your music as a band?

Jeff: So many!

Diogo: Yeah, just to name a few traditional ones like Pantera, Slayer, Metallica, all the obvious stuff.

Jeff: Morbid Angel, Bloodbath…

Diogo: More recently bands like Nevermore, stuff like that. Everyone in the band listen to very different stuff.

So what sort of things are you listening to right now?

Jeff: I’ve been listening to a lot of Leprous from Norway, I fucking love their albums. And another one, I can’t remember the name you’ll have to come back to me…

Diogo: For me there’s not been a lot of metal recently, it’s not that I grew tired of it I’m just always looking for something new. Like right now, the thing that stands out the most for me is a pop electro artist from Norway called Susanne Sundfor, It’s really brilliant you should listen it. Metal wise, a new band I’ve been listening to is a band from Sweden called Avatar, a very original sounding band I think.

Jeff: The band I was thinking of was Revocation, I really love their shit right now.

So, for people who have never heard your music before, how would you describe it?

Jeff: A groovy dark assault of death metal!

Diogo: Haha I never know how to answer that.

Jeff: Yeah people should just discover it for themselves, I mean we have so many different influences that different people hear different stuff in our music you know, so…

As far as the creative process goes for creating your music, how does that come together?

Jeff: In the end we all work it out, we work it out as a three piece mostly in rehearsals. Most of the riff ideas come from his (Diogo) side, or sometimes we will take half of his riff, and I will have an idea for the other half and then that ends up being the riff.

Diogo: Most of the time we have an idea of the song, where the song should go and we develop it from there. We have an idea and then we bring it to the table as it should be in a band.

Is there anything that inspires you to write your music?

Jeff: The shit in life.

Diogo: A bad experience, those are really trigger points I think, for artists in general.
Jeff: I think for the music side, yes, but for the lyric side it has to be something that gets you thinking, like a good movie, something that gets you coming up with new ideas and stuff.

So what have you guys been up to in the past year as a band?

Jeff: Writing for the new record, trying to play as much as we can.

What have you got coming up after this tour?

Jeff: We have a lot of things already lined up next year, we can’t say yet because it hasn’t been announced, but there’s some good stuff coming up. We might come back to the UK around March or April.

Diogo: Then we’re mainly focusing on new songs because we need to get out of our little bubble more.

Have you got a message for the fans and readers?

Diogo: Check us out, come and see us live. I’m convinced we can convince you to like us.