Scarlet Vixens Burlesque Troupe – Festive Show

Thursday 4th December 2014
@ Purple Turtle, Reading, Berkshire
Review by Soozi Chameleone
Photography by Jitan Vaghela

This evening we head into the newly refurbished dungeon- themed basement for resident burlesque troupe Scarlet Vixens’ Christmas themed show!

The descent down the stairs creates a sense of a bit of a throwback to the days when illicit peepshows were performed on the sly in the basements of licensed bars with daring landlords wanting to feed the demand for milky skinned girls sashaying in sparkly outfits until they had shaken all the glitter off, all but for a patch covering their modesty.

Compere Loretta, clad in a Sexy Miss Santa outfit and a bold grin, gets the audience warmed up and excited for the portion of the vixens performing tonight- FiFi LaBoom, Tootsie Larocque and Lilyanna L’Amour- supported by special guests Sugar Rush and first ever performance from sultry songstress, Tiger Von Tassel.

Blonde bomshell in a white sequinned 30s cocktail dress FiFi LaBoom explodes onto stage first, escaping from her clothes to Try a Little Tenderness with hyper exuberance and facial expressions to match. She reaches towards the classic burlesque style of using body and face equallly to communicate, but adds her own Aussie attitude as a twist. Her expert level tassel twirling remains unbeaten for the night.

Guest performer, the tiny and demure dark haired bambino Sugar Rush slivers onto stage next in a shimmering white gown, elbow length gloves, feather boa and as is later discovered, underwear and pasties to match! Her timeless beauty, complimented with a graceful smile, 50s hairdo and pasty skin, goes down well with the audience and she captivates even the camera lenses pointing her way.


Tiger Von Tassel is new on the scene as a burlesque singer. With piercing blue eyes, auburn hair and in a black corest, pants, fishnets and shoes ensemble, she struggles to make an impact with her voice. Luckily, her looks make up for it and the audience lap her up. I doubt they were  hoping for the next Maria Carey to perform in between saucy dancers!

Tootsie Larocque kicks the second portion of the night off with a Hawaiian themed performance, sporting a grass skirt, flower lei, straw fans, a bikini top and underwear to match a bright red wig and a cheeky smile to match. Her high energy show had the audience of drunken welsh men obviously on a Christmas work ‘do of sorts, under a strong thumb because where they had previously acted the fools for previoys girls, they dare not misbehave for Tootsie! The reveal of flowery nipples, not before a little tease using her straw fans to perform a routine to shield her modesty, was greeted with a roar of approval from our drunken Welsh men.


Bambino Sugar Rush shuffles onstage next in a Victorian inspired black gown with lace gloves, a blue jewel uncrusted corset and silk fans to add drama furthermore to her visual performance. her heavy black skirt is removed to reveal the skeletal structure that makes the skirt billow out, and once that is wriggled out of and she has stripped to her black floral underwear she finishes off with a beautiful and alluring fan dance. a gorgeous finish to sugar rush’s final guest performance!


Back with a festive routine that is introduced by ‘Baby it’s Cold Outside’ and accompanied by a cardboard cut out of Mr Santa Claus himself is FiFi LaBoom, dressed up as sexy Miss Santa and complete with candy striped stockings! Miming and pulling faces, Fifi embodies classic burlesque in an honest and endearing manner, a style we do not see with many of the other girls. The backing track changes and Fifi throws herself into her striptease, pleasing the audience once more.

Curvaceous beauty Lilyanna L’amore glides onto stage next with a serene and soothing silk fan dance to ‘Wish Upon a Star’, preparing us all for the festive season in the sauciest way possible! Twirling and sashaying bearfooted, silks wrapping around her until they fall to reveal her in all her glory, Lilyanna is a very captivating performer.


Before the third portion of the show commences, compere Loretta decides to grab three unwitting men for some harmless humiliation; putting them through their romantic paces by getting them to woo her through flirty words, dance moves and cheeky confessions! All of the volunteers looked as though they truly wished for the ground to swallow them up at every moment but it was great entertainment for us! Loretta is a fabulous compere with the right balance of wit, charm, sharp quips and cheeky grin.


Tiger Von Tassel is back for one last time to charm us with her genteel vocals and icy blue stare, Followed by a Quentin Tarantino themed performance from Lilyanna L’amore! Clad in a long black dress and fur shrug, Lilyanna takes the classics ‘Misirlou’ and ‘Down in Mexico’ and makes them her own by alluring us one last time with her temptress stare and graceful moves.

Toptsie Larocque finishes up the night with a Christmas themed routine to Elvis’ most festive tune, and has the audience up in arms but only in a good way, as they cant believe it is over; the Scarlet Vixens really do eave you wanting more, and with such variation in their performers (there are several other girls in the troupe who alternate when they perform) from aerial acrobats to fire breathing, they could keep us all entertained for plenty of time to come yet!

Miss their next event  and miss out, big time!

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