Scarecow N.W.A. – Transgression by James Kempe

Rating: 2/5
Label: Noisehead Records

Band Line up:
Alex D Guitar
Bernd K Vocals
Stef K Drums
Oliver R Bass
Gsputi Guitar

Technology Of Death
Backstab Romance
At Dead Of Night
Feel The Silence
Scarecrows’s Song

Austrias Scarecrow N.W.A. (New World Annihilation) return with their fifth album to date and after a lengthy absence since their last album (Orestis from 2009). Those few years have seen the departure of their keyboard player and so the band have returned with a more guitar led approach, taking on a second guitarist to bolster their sound.

The album opens with the song MMXII and its a good start sounding aggressive and like they are enjoying their new approach and continues in the same way into the title track. The playing is certainly solid and the more death like vocals work well but the songs them selves are pretty long with seemingly no reason to be. It feels like someone should be standing over them with a stop watch and pull the power lead as soon as they hit five minutes.

Elsewhere on the album sees the tracks Self-Enslavement and Backstab Romance, both of which see singer Bernd K, attempting a more clear style singing/talking which, to be honest are pretty wince inducing and you find yourself counting the seconds until he starts to roar again.

The production does not help any of the above problems being very clinical and, although all instruments are easily heard it takes away a lot of the excitement of the music itself.

This album has a lot of problems but it is not without its positive points. When it does get going on tracks such as Technology of Death it’s as good as any of its European competitors, which shows that maybe with a bit more exploration into their new stripped down sound they can really deliver the goods on their next album.