Saturn – Ascending (Live in Space) by Lisa Nash

Rating: 0.5/5
Distributor/label: Rise Above Records
Released: May 2014
Band line-up:
Oscar Bo Valentine Pehrson – Bass/Vocals/Organ
Robin Tidebrink – Guitar/Vocals
Linkan Lindgren – Guitar/Vocals
Ted Carlsen – Drums
1.      So, You Have Chosen Death
2.      Rokktori
3.      Over The Influence
4.      Leadersheep
5.      Peasant
6.      Tower Of Terror
7.      Last Man In Space
8.      Moonstone
Saturn are a young 4 piece from Sweden and this is their debut release.
Every once in a while as a reviewer you come across an album so bad you wonder how the producer agreed to record it. This is one of those albums. If a producer is only considered as good as their last work, this producer must now be working in McDonalds. They really should have said ‘stop, no, this is not right, go away and start again’ instead of pressing the record button.
SaturnNow in most cases where I don’t like something, I can at least see why others might like it, in this case I am struggling to find any redeeming features.
The first track begins in-auspiciously enough, the guitar is fairly in-offensive but then the vocals kick in and that’s when you realise that this is a band stuck in the 70’s. Imagine Ozzy trying to imitate Robert Plant only without the ‘Brummie’ accent and in the wrong key, and that is how to describe the sound.
From that point on the weak song-writing skills, combined with poor lyrics are so obvious that any musicianship that might have been evident is lost in the horror of the vocal performance.
Easily the worst offender is Last Man in Space, the band state they recorded the music live in the studio and then dubbed the vocals on top. The whole album is just as if someone was doing a drunk Ozzy impression, evidence of further influences from the likes of Deep Purple and Judas Priest are apparent, but there is no band identity, there is no modern twist.
When I think about all the amazing bands out there are present, it makes me wonder that this band got signed at all. The only blessing is that it is only 8 tracks long and the last of which is quite short. Now maybe I am being harsh and no doubt there are others who think this is brilliant, but then music is subjective not objective. They get ½ a mark for tuning the guitars and keeping the drums in time.
Review by Lisa Nash