Saor Have Announced Full Line Up and are Ready to Hit the Stage!

Following from the critically acclaimed success of two records between 2013 and last year, the former Scottish one man Black Metal band, headed by Andy Marshall, has now evolved into a fully realised line up.

Combing the raw intensity of Black Metal with Celtic instrumentation, Saor quickly became one of the most distinctive bands to come out of the UK through combining their sonic fury with bagpipes and a bodhran.

Saor’s second album, Aura not only cemented the band’s creative identity, it was also a record that found it’s way into several top album recommendations of 2014.

The fully realised line up comprises of Andy Marshall, Bryan Hamilton on drums and future live performances as well as Martyn Moffat and Reni McDonald performing as the band’s guitarists.

Saor are signed to Northern Silence Productions and are set to make their first ever live performance at this year’s North of the Wall Festival. European fans can also catch them at Darktroll Festival and Autumn From Hell Festival in Germany.

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