Sanguine – Live EP by Jo Blackened

Band line-up:
Tarin Kerrey – Vocals
Nick Magee – Guitar/Vocals
Tom Sherwood – Bass
Matt Feld – Drums

01 Simplify
02 Bangkok Nights
03 Days Outnumbered
04 From Home
05 Paradise

Sanguine are a four piece female fronted Alternative-Metal/Rock band from UK, formed by vocalist Tarin Kerrey whilst studying at Uni.

Despite them being an Independent band, it wasn’t long for them to explode onto the scene and quickly gaining great exposure and a large fan base.
Im not exactly a fan of Mainstream Metal as I prefer my Metal Black & Brutal, but Sanguine are infact an unique and amazing band.

Filled with elements of punk and hardcore with vocalist Tarin showing her great vocal range singing from rage to mixing it up to show her pitched girlie sounds, aswell as showing the band members mixture of diverse musical backgrounds the tracks range from hard-metal, punk-edged to slightly gothic rocky-ballads esp with my fave track ‘From Home’ with the music having a varied and eclectic sound which certainly separates Sanguine from other bands in the mainstream today.

These guys have recently been on tour around UK, including Download Festival (Jagermeister stage) aswell as support for Megadeth & it is no surprise they got a great response! This band really reminds me of ‘Daisy Chainsaw’ from the 90’s with a nice mix of metal thrown in making this a great, interesting and varied album, filled with catchy tracks.

This is a great EP & I will be sure to keep an eye out for their album release!

This is defo one band to check out and keep your eye on!