Samsara Blues Experiment at The Borderline, London

15th November, 2013
Review by  Anna Dumpe

For those unfamiliar with Samsara Blues Experiment, they are 4 guys hailing from Germany and playing experimental rock with psychedelic blues influences, also known as krautrock. Their music is significant with its instrumental and progressive elements incorporated within their rather lengthy compositions sometimes spanning over 10-15 minutes each…

With an old-school vibe to their sound and determined approach to performance, Samsara Blues Experiment are getting noticed by fans of stoner, doom and heavy metal across Europe and are quickly making their way up in the industry. With an extraordinary approach to experimental blues composition and sound, Samsara Blues Experiment stand out as a rather unique and exciting band to keep an eye on.

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On the 15th of November, 2013, Samsara Blues Experiment guys travelled all the way to UK to play what looked like a sold our show at The Borderline in London. The crowd consisted of everyone from Samsara Blues Experiment fans to keen music lovers willing to see what this often talked about ‘new musical phenomenon’ from Germany is all about.

Samsara Blues Experiment take the stage after two striking performances by London’s old-school rockers Stubb and Birmingham’s psychedelic doom outfit Alunah.

Without wasting any time and getting carried away with too much talk, Samsara Blues Experiment guys take the stage with frontman Christian Peters kicking off their show with a psychedelic synthesizer intro.

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Putting all of their focus on the music, Samsara Blues Experiment guys put on a performance that’s easily comparable to a psychedelic trip, as the band don’t hold back to impress the crowd with a great usage of different guitar effects and demonstrate perfect cooperation between the musicians on stage.

Mixing instrumentally heavy parts with more calm, funky and experimental elements, Samsara Blues Experiment manage to tell emotionally driven stories just through their music and melodies by leaving the traditional focus on vocal performance aside.
Frontman Christian Peters demonstrates virtuoso and rather outstanding guitar playing throughout the show with Hans Eiselt (guitar) backing him up and adding great amount of fuzziness to Samsara Blues Experiment sound.

To please their UK audience, Samsara Blues Experiment throw in their interpretation on UFO’s “Boogie For George” called “Midnight Boogie” adding a great dose of upbeat and swinging rock’n’roll rhythm with perfectly contrasting guitar work and bluesy guitar solo.

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As the lighting system seems to have broken down, the only objects lighting up the band tonight are two desk lamps placed on each side of the stage. However, such defect soon becomes an effect and perfectly works as a favour for Samsara Blues Experiment. Such dimmed lighting adds a lot more intimacy to their show simply because the audience is left with zero distractions. It’s just the crowd, the band and the music. No crazy light show or other unnecessary attributes.

The band come across as absolute professionals when performing heavy and groovy riffs and out-of-space psychedelic and experimentally infused melodies that seem to freeze time and create a hypnotic atmosphere in the room.

For a lot of us, music is all about people getting together with their instruments and creating music that’s real. It’s all about real people putting their genuine emotions and effort into creating compositions that are organic and true, and that’s exactly what Samsara Blues Experiment guys are all about, as their music holds that very important ‘human factor’ that so many bands seem to lack these days.