Sadist – Hyaena

Rating: 4.5
Distributor/label: Scarlet Records
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Released: 2015
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SADIST - Hyaena

Trevor Sadist – Lead Singer
Tommy Talamanca – Keyboards/Guitars
Andy Marchini – Bass Guitar
Alessio Spallarossa – Drums


1. The Lonely Mountain
2. Pachycrocuta
3. Bouki
4. The Devil Riding the Evil Steed
5. Scavenger and Thief
6. Gadawan Kura
7. Eternal Enemies
8. African Devourers
9. Scratching Rocks
10. Genital Mask


Progressive Death Metal’s Sadist, hit back on the 16th of October 2015 with new album Hyaena, which was produced and mixed by Tommy Talamanca at Nadir Music Studios. The mighty Sadist reign from Genova, Italy and formed back in 1991 with Tommy (guitar, keyboards), Peso (drums), Andy (bass) and Fabio (vocals) making up the brutal horde.

Hyaena is a compelling mix of the band’s traditional Death Metal and Progressive influences with ethnic and tribal sounds, centered around an intriguing concept about one of Africa’s most fascinating predators, whose legend says is ridden by the Devil.

First in the album we have track1- The Lonely Mountain which starts with a late night, outdoors setting which is broken by the whiplash of rhythm through the intertwining of instruments creating a transcendence of progressive loops which builds up into a throttling ensemble. In addition it really pulls you in, which in my case makes me end up head banging without even realising it. The song then takes a twist back to the outdoor setting already created at the beginning of the song, where you’re then smacked with the vocals which really sets the tone and adds to the overall progression and catchy rhythm. Again towards the end the twist brings you into a really funky groove which was rather unexpected yet pretty enjoyable. This song definitely leaves you questioning what exactly will be next in the album which is refreshing and shows true skill of mastering the progressive metal genre.

Next we come to Pachycrocuta, again the song starts with an outdoor setting consistent of the last track, however the style seems more of an ascending rhythm with a faster pace than before. Again the strong vocals smack you creating a melodic chaos which you can’t help but it enjoy. Then there is a rather tasty guitar solo which ends by mixing up things into a more harmonious setting, with a hint on caution. The song distorts by intermixing both styles creating something quite unique and satisfying to the ears.

One track I need to mention is Bouki, it starts completely different in an almost sci-fi haunting manner, which strangely made me think of a level in bowsers castle. The growling vocals are definitely here to set the tone of this song and that they definitely do in a powerful way. Considering how different this is to what I was expecting, I actually really enjoy how unique this song is. In addition the catchy it is rhythm is mesmerising and I feel this type of tune is one that would get stuck in your head, in a good way.

Track4- The Devil Riding the Evil Steed caught my eye initially from the name of the song and I wasn’t disappointed. The beginning starts off with a twinkling and almost horror theme, almost like what you would expect from a kids music box in an eerie way, something twisted, wrong and well you may just die. This song is standalone compared to the rest of the album so far, however with slight hints of track 3. The progression then distorts by the demonic vocal onslaught that sends chills down your spine and pulls the whole song together with the chaos of instrumental mayhem. I can definitely see this track being one not to be missed from the album.

Gadawan Kura has a very unique starting with the sting guitars, almost peaceful and tranquil with hits of inquision, which is another pleasant surprise from the album. The bass definitely creates a low key groove that I find satisfying to the point I find myself almost swaying along to this rather calming tune. However I do find myself feeling like I’ve heard something like this before, but from this unique sound I know haven’t which I find skilful as I feel I know the song but understand that I haven’t. Due to the tempo and style of this track I reckon not only death prog metal fans will enjoy this but the mass of all metal fans due to the skilful, tasteful and pleasing riffs that transport you into a mesmerising, spine tingling land of pleasure.

Later on in the album we come too Track8- African Devourers, this track starts with a quiet yet upbeat fast tempo that gives a sense of curiosity, the almost quietened and hushed vocals add to this questionable progression of the unknown. The tune then twist into a full front assault of aggression that grabs and pulls you in, without any escape from its chaos and brutality. This song definitely has a standout death prog metal feel to it which is I feel is a good expression of skill with the power to appeal too many.

Finally we come to Genital Mask which starts with an African drum beat which follows you into the epic and powerful intermix of instruments and harsh vocals. The mix of fast pace drums and the softer tone of guitar at times, really stand out and give edge to the overall rhythm. The song then progresses with this slow to quick mashup tempo giving a setting of almost organised chaos. Following on the guitar solo is to point, crisp and mesmerizing which is perfect for this part of the track before ending it with mighty roaring vocals. This song is a perfect way to end an album, it’s skilful and shows pure talent from each member, whilst being subtle and powerful all at once.

Overall Hyaena, shows a great potential of what Sadist have to offer and an insight of Death Prog Metal being mastered by a highly skilled band. One thing I’ve noticed with each track from Hyaena is that the twists and turns of each progression are timed just right and tell you an emotional story at each level, yet with no hint of what may come next. This album is definitely to be heard by all the Death Prog Metal fans out there as its one not to be missed! Personally this isn’t a band I would have typically listened too but I have to say this was rather refreshing and enjoyable, I’ll need to keep an eye out for what they master next.

Reviewed by Alexis Evans