Klub Protokultura and Left Hand Sounds are honoured to announce the return of Polish black metal legends, Sacrilegium. The first concert in almost 20 years accompanies the upcoming release of the full-length, Anima Lucifera (Pagan Records). The event will take place in Klub Protokultura in Gdańsk, Poland on 2 April 2016. Sacrilegium will be joined by equally special guests, whose names will be revealed soon! 



Sacrilegium + guests

2.04. 2016

Klub Protokultura, Gdańsk, Poland

Start: 19:30

Tickets: Available from 10 January 2016

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Sacrilegium Tour


About Sacrilegium, in the words of:

Nihil (Furia): “Sacrilegium is one of those bands, who accompanied Furia from the very beginning of our ritual discovery and creation of new sounds. We were mainly inspired by the Norwegian scene but Sacrilegium, along with other Polish bands such as Arkona, North, Lux Occulta, Profanum, Behemoth or Decembers Fire, are hellishly important parts of our puzzle. I am looking forward to the concert and the new album. Today’s metalhead won’t understand the new Sacrilegium album, but personally – and a few others have a similar opinion, I believe – it doesn’t bother me.”

Nergal (Behemoth): “Sacrilegium are my friends from my record label… from 20 years ago. Actually, even neighbours. We spent many nights in the town of Wejherowo fighting with cheap wine in nearby forests and spent long nights with long discussions. That’s how I remember the early 90s. Sacrilegium was one of the soundtracks of those years. I am happy that someone finally re-discovered this diamond…! I support!”

Tomasz Krajewski (Pagan Records): “I’ve always had a weakness for Sacrilegium and I’ve had a rather subjective attitude towards the band, not necessarily because of being the owner of their record label. The emotion and atmosphere present in their music always suited me. It may sound like a cliché, but “Wicher” is an absolute classic and one of the most influential black metal albums to be recorded here in Poland. I am looking forward to the new album, and even more to the opportunity to see them live. This will be a huge event.” 

As previously announced, the single, Angelus, is released next week on 28 December 2015 in digital format as well as a DigiFile CD edition limited to 500 copies. It is an example of what to expect of the band on their upcoming full-length release in 2016: that traditional black metal sound they are known for, however, with a brutal and more aggressive kick and, yet, not lacking their unique touch of melancholy. 

Angelus contains two versions of the title track; an album and demo version. It also comprises of remixes done by guest artists: In Slaughter Natives (industrial),Zenial (experimental, avant-garde), ROD (Slavonic folk-dubstep) and Echoes of Yul(post-rock).

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