Sacrificium Carmen – Ikuisen Tulen Kammiossa

Rating: 4.5/5
Distributor/label: Saturnal Records
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Released: 2015
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Band line-up:Sacrificium500

Hoath Cambion – vocals
Advorsvs – guitars
Profostus – guitars & backing vocals
Hypnos – bass
Xeth – drums


1. Lucifer
2. Öisen Haahkan Liekeissä
3. Pimeän Silmän Goetia
4. Kaaoksen Käärme
5. Nemesis
6. Verialkemia
7. Julman Sanasta
8. Yön Kasvot


‘Ikuisen Tulen Kammiossa’ is the debut full length album of the Finnish black metallers, Sacrificium Carmen. While I have not had the chance to listen to their split last year, as the experienced quintet’s full length, the album demonstrates a well thought out approach to the song writing. Now let’s talk a bit about the songs.

The track ‘Lucifer’ starts off the album with an instant Finnish black metal feel, grim arpeggiation alongside an almost tribal drumming. The vocals of Hoath Cambion is impressive and fits perfectly to the gritty overall sound of the album. Sacrificium Carmen choose to embellish the vocal line with occasional double screams and Hoath Cambion’s screams almost turning core-like at times. These add a bit of variety to the well-performed black metal screams. The band hint at their uneasiness in settling in a single style throughout the album by starting the second track with a crushing contemporary thrash riff, then they move on to a more second wave black metal development. The best feature of the song comes in the chanting that accompanies the screams. This adds a lot to the darkness of the song, at the same time giving it a folk feel. You get the need for a climax towards the end of the song. I think the songwriting delivers a build up nicely, and Advorsvs does not disappoint with a technically proficient, but more importantly a captivating guitar solo. Third track alters the style again with a central European twist. Pulsing riffs and vocals give you no excuse for not starting bopping your head!

Right in the middle of the album, you suddenly find yourself in the folk realm. I am thoroughly intrigued by this turn in the album, and even more so when the amazing riff comes in towards the latter third of the fourth track. As we came to expect by now, the fifth track opens with a Germanic atmospheric feel, but quickly moves back up North. The call and response feel of the vocals shows the depth of Sacrificium Carmen’s bag of tricks, switching between proper death grunts and a scream so pushed to the edge it almost sounds in a DSBM style. The sixth track slows the album down a bit, which is a welcome change of pace. Seventh track keeps a similar pace, but you hear drums taking the lead from the start. Album ends with a similar mood, but the folk-like guitar line makes a final appearance. The repetitive ending leaves you without too much struggle.

Overall, the album is fascinating and if you are a fan dirty, arpeggiated chords –which I am-, it will surely be an enjoyable experience.

Review by M Selim Yavuz