Roadhouse + Special Guests Christmas Gig

8th December 2014
Review by  Claudia Bauch and Steve Salmon

Hidden behind the main restaurant/ pub of the Bulls Head lies the very intimate Jazz/ Blues Room of the Bulls Head.
We arrived at the venue just before 8pm and found the venue completely filled on this cold Monday night. The evening began with an acoustic set of “Steve Eggs, whose smoky voice and soft acoustic guitar play was the perfect start for an evening filled with blues and rock music.

The set continued with “Geronimo“, a good friend of the band Roadhouse, who treated us to a excellent performance of classic old school blues.

Following “Geronimo” was one of the highlights of the evening “The Little Devils The remarkable, powerful voice of singer Yoka, combined with sensual blues music, flute and saxophone made this set extremely enjoyable and the audience wouldn’t let the band leave the stage without playing an encore.

Finally, it was time for “Roadhouse to take to the stage.
Roadhouse never fails to impress their faithful followers and new fans with their energetic set of blues and rock.
The set started with  “Hell on Wheels”, followed by further well known songs like “Blues Motel”, “Dark Angel”, “Spirits across the water”, “The Big Easy” (with special guest Kelly Marie) and ” Preacher Man” (with special guests Kelly Marie and Jules).

As usual, the performance of Roadhouse was outstanding and Gary, one of the founding members and guitarists of Roadhouse mentioned during the gig, that the band always supported jam sessions and will continue to do so in the future.

Roadhouse’s newest album “Gods & Highways & Old Guitars” is very popular around the world and the news, that the band would re-record an old song of a previous album in the new year was well received by the audience.

The Christmas Gig ended with an excellent performance of “John O’Leary” and various musicians from Geronimo, The Little Devils and Roadhouse, a classical blues jam session, which brought an perfect ending to this wonderful, energetic evening.

Thank you to Roadhouse, for organizing this lovely evening full of fantastic music and we are looking forward to many more wonderful gigs in the future.