Roadburn Festival 2017

Review by Sabrina Selkis
Roadburn 2017 @ Tilburg-Netherlands

So the myth is true, Roadburn Festival is definitely a must do in your music festival calendar year.


After taking three trains from London to Tilburg, off I go to the legendary festival.

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Set up in Tilburg, Holland since 1999, this yearly festival was founded by Jurgen Van Den Brand and Walter Hoeijmakers (promoter and artistic director). This year’s edition took place from Thursday 20th April to Sunday 23rd April.

Where do I even start telling you about those four wonderful days?

Firstly, the line up was exceptional:

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Having studied the line up before hand at home, I particularly enjoyed seeing on Thursday Subrosa,Esben And The Witch, Coven, Suma and finished the first day on a high literally with Bongzilla’s second hand smoking, it was definitely a plus!


Friday started with a trip to the GrassCompany (  with Bongzilla before heading to the Het Patronaat to witness a nearly two hours brilliant set by Swiss avant garde black metal band Schammasch,  performing the entirety of their album Triangle.

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The day passed smoothly with Amenra, Baroness, Chelsea Wolfe, Oathbreaker, and Gnod to name a few.

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One of the most anticipated band to play Friday was the newly tagged Slave Metal band Zeal and Ardor, while I wait I met Natalia who came all the way from Brazil to see them! Playing in a church could explain that 40 minutes into their set, the sound crashed! Not once but twice! This started an a capella of “Devil Is Fine” between Manuel Gagneux and the audience. They eventually managed to finish playing, the floor was trembling and the fans ecstatic.



Have I mentioned the easiness and comfort of getting in and out the venues that held the festival? It is a welcome change to the usual hassle we all know about.

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It has been pretty straight forward to go and see the bands and the gold medal definitely goes to 013, having the best sound and lights I have witnessed. This was particularly noticeable for Oranssi Pazuzu who played Saturday, the rendering of all the nuances of their music was a delight to my ears.

Slomatics as well as Aluk Todolo, Carpenter Brut were highlights. Actually speaking of highlights in the true definition of the term, Mysticum won the most epileptic prone performance award, look it up on youtube.


Sunday was a rough day to be anticipated after three days of celebration! So it comes as a delight to witness Ulver playing their new album “The Assassination Of Julius Caesar” and no they didn’t play Black Metal (a fan asked for it and Kristoffer Rygg replied No!).

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The album played live combined with some impressive laser lights threw  all the audience into a hypnotic trance like state. Check it for yourself on youtube  as I’ll probably mess it up trying to describe it. Other acts of the day were Sumac, Author and Punisher, Hypnopazuzu (weird but why not), Temple of BVV and to finish InterArma.

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Music-wise Roadburn was everything I expected it to be, heavy, eclectic, bizarre and authentic. The fans and festival goers were the most chilled (weed might have a part in that), the food was actually pretty good and the bars generous with their servings (dam that sweet white wine was yum).

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They are a lot of in depth reviews of the festival if you fancy reading more about it and explore this little gem more. Do yourself a favour and go experience it for yourself, I bet you will enjoy this intimate festival.

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Next Roadburn is:

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