Ric Peters by Ian Fford

Ric Peters is a friend who I speak with regularly. His music project, The Perfects, blends elements of many styles to create a vibe that’s both fresh and familiar.
The music sounds current but is by no means defined by an ‘era’… This is no easy feat, considering the number of bands constantly pumping out music of every kind and in every way. The Perfects project somehow manages to capture the magic of days gone by, blended with the vibe of today, to create auditory treats that sounds bleeding edge new while remaining timeless. My guess, he he’s a genie or something. He’s not following a trend, he’s being true to himself and his influences. Whatever the case may be, Ric is a genuine person who’s music is an extension of himself.

Someone gave me a promo copy of their stuff a few years ago, it was great. He’s moved on to a far more integral sound with newer material that is well developed, interesting and catchy. My favorite new track is “End of Us”, but only barely as I find it hard to pick an overall favorite. Depends on my mood because The Perfects play to many emotions.

Well, enough from me, lets hear from the man himself!

Ian Fford: Who are The Perfects?

The Perfects are myself and Scott Griffith.

Ian Fford: When did you start the band?

I started The Perfects back in 2005.

Ian Fford: Ok… Why did you start?

A strong desire to make music that was more reminiscent of what I grew up listening to ala the New Wave Alternative Indie movement of the 80s but with a 21st century spin. I was not really hearing anything like what I grew up with and really missed that sound and wanted to bring it back. There were a few bands out there that had elements of that vibe but did not truly capture the essence of what made the music so much fun.

Ian Fford: What messages are you hoping to convey?

Not really any message in particular. Lyrically The Perfects is an outlet for me to be able to convey my deepest thoughts from things that have affected me through out my life. Relationships seem to always play the biggest role in that arena but once in a while I dabble into areas that are relative to the current state of the world we live in.

Ian Fford: How do you think you’ll be perceived?

Perfect I hope! I kid lol 🙂

Ian Fford: Any albums forthcoming?

Yes. Come this summer we will be re-releasing the album Future Automatic which was produced by Nic Hard (The Bravery, The Church) with two new songs and remixes from Grammy winning producer Chris Vrenna (Tweaker, ex-NIN, and Manson), DJ Richard Vission, Assemblage 23, Ego Likeness, Vanity Crush and I’ve added a remix of my own into the mix of one of the newer tracks.

Ian Fford: What about labels?

Currently everything is released on my own label FU Records but I am certainly open to talking to any label who has a plan that works with my vision.

Ian Fford: Do you have any tours planned?

We have another west coast tour in July. We recently went out to Hollywood and had a great time playing The Viper so we’re going back out and doing a more extensive run. A show in NYC is in the works in addition to a gig with Lords of Acid and one with Crystal Castles.

Ian Fford: How can we listen to your stuff?

You can visit our main website at www.theperfects.com where you can currently download 7 of the tracks off the album for free. Also myspace at www.myspace.com/theperfects where you can hear the remix from Chris Vrenna of our song Come Down and the two newer tracks Girls That Dance and Party Of Two.

Ian Fford: Anything else you’d care to add?

Very grateful for the opportunities that have fallen into place recently with being able to work with such amazing talent. That in it self is extremely flattering and makes all the sacrifices over the years worth it.