Ribozyme – Grinding Tune

Rating: 4.5/5
Distributor/label: Indie Recordings
Distributor/label URL: http://www.indierecordings.no/
Released: 2015
Buy Album [URL]: http://www.indie.tigernet.no/artist/11926–ribozyme
Band Website: https://www.facebook.com/ribozyme

PicBand line-up:

Kjartan Ericsson
Bård Bøge
Cato Olaisen


1. Bronze
2. Timely Reminder
3. Inside The Waste
4. Worn
5. Decontrol
6. Axis Rotation
7. Cut In Half
8. Without A Prize
9. Sleeves


Ribozyme from Bergen have been making music since 1998, they follow up from Blacklist Mercy (2006), March of Crime (2009) and Presenting the Problem (2012), with an intense offering entitled ‘Grinding Tune’. 2013 saw the band tour with “…And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead”, inspiring much of the music on this new album. They were keen to take a different approach, keeping the production simple and organic, something that certainly seems to have worked in their favour. ‘Grinding Tune’ is an apt title, this music is relentless, impossible to ignore and original.

From the start ‘Bronze’ has a drum beat that seems at odds with the song, out of time with the melody, this somehow works and enhances the tune, it is modern and fresh and unusual. Huge sounding guitars, contemporary beats and a wave of sound crashing over the listener, ‘Timely Reminder’ is defined by layers of noise and a harmonious blast of notes and chords. Similarly ‘Inside the Waste’, crashes and batters you with guitar and drums while soothing with smooth and sumptuous vocals. ‘Worn’ is punctuated by the drums, that punch home the intricate rhythms and gritty riffs, while vocals entice the listener with a siren-like quality. Thrilling and powerful, ‘Decontrol’ is rich and different, with hidden depths of sound and fascinating time changes throughout. ‘Axis Rotation’ with it rotating chord progression whirls along, carrying the listener with it, drums pounding until you submit and allow the music to engulf you. ‘Cut in Half’ has a strange vibration within the guitar riff, a distortion that give it a dramatic appeal, it sounds wrong and yet right, most would edit out such sounds but here it makes it hard to ignore the track and forces you take notice. With ‘Without A Prize’, the music pulses through the track, getting inside the listener and consuming them with deep layers of song. ‘Sleeves’ is the last track on the album, a fine end to the album, it has gentle moments that caress you, then it assaults you with its edgy and passionate segments.

The album has an energy that runs throughout, it vibrant and intoxicating, with stunning vocals and unexpected musical twists. Impressive, addictive and very much today, this is a band I shall be following avidly from now on.

Review by Lisa Nash