Rhine- An Outsider

Band Name: Rhine
Album Name: An Outsider
Rating: 2/5
Distributor/label: Self released
Released: 2016
Buy Album [URL]: http://rhine.bandcamp.com
Band Line up:  Album Cover - Rhine - An Outsider - 2016 (1)
Gabe Tachell- guitar and vocals
Alex Smolin- guitar
Carlos Delgado- drums
James Porter- bass
Track listing:
1. Dreaming of Death (11:46)
2. The Spell of Dark Water (6:20)
3. An Outsider (10:05)
4. Somewhere (3:59)
5. Paralyzed (10:50)
6. Dissolved in Fire (7:53)
7. P.R.E.Y. (5:31)
8. Into the Unknown (6:34)
9. Shipwrecked In Stasis (3:02)
10. Fragments (8:21)

I go into every album, every genre of metal with an open mind and try to grasp what each band and album is trying to get across to the listener. Are they thought provoking? Are they trying to invoke certain emotions with each song and trying to tell a story with them?

Honestly, I tried to grasp this album, ‘An Outsider’, the follow up to 2011’s debut ‘Duality’ but have to admit defeat. Opener, ‘Dreaming of Death’ drones the excitement out of me as soon as Gabe Tachell’s out of tune melodies kick in. His voice grates and feels disconnected with the rest of the music, which actually isn’t bad, and I think that Tachnell’s strengths may lay in song composition and guitar playing rather than singing.

More thrash-like tracks such as  ‘P.R.E.Y’ fare slightly better and make me think there might be something that I like about this album until the next track, ‘Into the Unknown’ starts to make my ears bleed. Okay, maybe that’s a little harshm but seriously, it was painful to listen to. I’m all for bands doing it for themselves but this album suffers in its production without a label or an independent music producer at least having a little influence on what they produce. But maybe I’m wrong, maybe progressive melodious death metal is lost on me.

Review by Nathan Slack