Revocation @ La Respuesta, Santurce, Puerto Rico

Bloodstained World Enterntainment
December 7th 2013
Review and Photography by Fran Jaume

There is nothing better that a good Thrash/ Death Metal gig that takes place in Puerto Rico during christmas time; it is a good alternative to all the happy traditional christmas music that is usually played everywhere on the island during that period. Revocation were visiting the island for the first time that evening, and along with them, the fans would also get to experience three other awesome local bands: Dealers of Death (D.O.D.), Dementium and Severe Mutilation were gonna aid in making this night a special one.

Revocation @ Puerto Rico Flyer
kicked the night off with their brand of Crossover Thrash Metal: their set that evening consisted of short, straight-to-the-point songs in both English and Spanish, inspired by a range of topics, from Comic Books to Zombies, Star Wars, and future dystopias.

A brief sample from Dawn of the Dead was played as an intro, and the audience were already psyched moments before the band began. D.O.D mix Punk, Hardcore and Metal seemlessly, and the audience headbanged, moshed, slam danced during the band’s set.

Songs like “Parallax”, “You Shall Not Pass”, and a cover of S.O.D.’s “United Forces” left everyone in the audience more than satisfied.

All in all, the band and audience connected, and the people in the mosh pit were active from the get go.


D.O.D. is composed of Dennis on vocals and bass, Charlie on Guitar and Elvin on the drums.


1. Vision Post-Apocaliptica
2. Parallax
3. In the name of the cross
4. Luke Im your father
5. You shall not pass
6. Suited Thief
7.Imposed Reality,
8. The World is a Mosh
9. United Forces (S.O.D. cover)

After that healthy dose of Crossover Thrash madness, the next thing on the list was another dose of nasty Thrash via Dementium, whose approach to the style is inspired by German bands such as Destruction and Protector, as well as a good dose of Death Metal.

Harsh, raspy vocals, fast drumming, face-ripping guitar riffs and a big bundle of aggression is what you should expect from these guys.

The audience picked off where they left off earlier, moshing and headbanging like there was no tomorrow. Set opener “Thrash in Command” set the mood immediately, and paved the way for the band to do their thing.

The dual guitar work of the band is quite impressive on songs like “Dead Man’s Society” and “Chaos Nightmare” among others.

The bass also participates in some of the more melodic areas, providing a solid yet loose backbone to some of the more technical parts of the songs. A cover of Morbid Angel’s “Chapel of Ghouls” came as a surprise to everyone, including this reviewer.

The band gave their own spin to this classic Death Metal song…

Dementium is comprised of Randy Fuentes (Guitar, Lead Vocals), Cristian (Guitar, backing vocals), Jose “Chewy” (bass) and Bryan (drums).


1. Thrash In Command
2. Welcome To Dementia
3. Dead Man’s Society
4. There Will Be Blood
5. Massive Assault
6. Chaos Nightmare
7. Chapel Of Ghouls (Morbid Angel Cover)
8. Beyond The Claws Of Death

Most people were eagerly awaiting for Severe Mutilation to take the stage that evening; their SPAWN OF HATRED record was released a couple of weeks ago, a slab of violent, brutal Death Metal.

The band did not disappoint at al, in fact they went beyond all expectations and basically kicked ass.

Shades of Cannibal Corpse and Dying Fetus were evident in the band’s music, which was played flawlessly, proving that Severe Mutilation is the real deal live.

The crowd was already familiar with most songs such as “All Respect for Life is Lost” and “Spawn of Hatred”. As an added bonus, the band threw in a version of Dying Fetus’ “Schematics” which sounded just as good, maybe even better, than the original.

The band has a very bright future ahead of them, and it is easy to see why so many people dig their music: they not only make good records but also give an outstanding live performance. Severe

Mutilation’s members are:

Sergio Hernandez – lead guitar Jean Carlos Maldonado – lead guitar, backing vocals Chad Castoire – bass Felix Vega – drums Wesley Swan Lopez Mckenzie – vocals


1. I’m Not Done With Your Body Yet
2. Unholy Inquisition
3. Practice What You Preach
4. P.E
5. Unrelenting Bloodthrist
6. All Respect for Life is Lost
7. Spawn of Hatred
8. Schematics (Dying Fetus Cover)

It was now time for the main act, Revocation, to do their thing.

Severe Mutilation were gonna be a tough act to follow indeed, but Revocation gave a great performance that night.

Those who were not familiar with their music now were exposed to the band’s mixture of many Metal styles which range from Thrash Metal to Death Metal and everything in between.

They also had many sections which border on Progressive Metal, and some awesome guitar parts. Revocation proved that they too are an awesome live act. Vocalist David Davidson sounded just like in the records, recreating both the more aggressive vocalizations and the more melodic parts of the songs.

The band sounded like they were having a great time, asking the audience if they were ready for some Thrash Metal and encouraging them to engage in a “Zombie mosh”. The audience’s response was to do just that.

Revocation’s set that night covered most of their discography with some awersome choice cuts like “Invidious”, “Re-animaniac”, “Bound by Desire” and “Tetratogenesis”. Many times the band reminded me of Megadeth or Voivod, who also incorporate Progressive Rock stylings into their particular brand of Metal.

The band did not let up for a second, and the crowd were both filling the mosh pit as well as watching in awe at the band’s abilities as musicians.

David Davidson – Guitars / Vocals Dan Gargiulo – Guitars / Vocals Brett Bamberger – Bass / Vocals Phil Dubois – Drums

1. Enter the Hall
2. Fracked
3. Invidious
4. Teratogenesis
5. Maniacally Unleashed
6. Re-Animaniac
7. Unattained’
8. Across Forests and Fjords
9. Dismantle the Dictator
10. Bound by Desire
11. The Hive
12. No Funeral

In summary; the mosh pit was full the entire night and many were covered in sweat despite the cold Christmas weather outside as you could see the smiles in people’s faces, being more than satisfied with what they had just experienced.

Despite some slight technical problems at one moment, the show was a success and you can bet that Revocation won’t stop in the future. The local bands definitely won some new supporters that night aswell as demonstrating that the local scene is at one of its most fruitful moments right now, spawning bands with some incredible potential.