Groove-oriented heavy metal band REVERTED have released their music video for “Die My Saint”.Reverted

The video is the group’s first official music video and is off their album Sputter the Worms. says the group “raised the bar with the production, hired actors and visited several different locations to develop the video’s main story line. The video is part story, part performance.

Tony Vega, singer with the band said “This song is about a man who chose Death and Hell over Life and Light. He finds regular life too ordinary and boring and after failing attempts to fit in, he decides to go and live in Hell where he will rule his Kingdom pleasantly until realising he still misses something… “Die My Saint” is a direct order / plea to his woman to die and join him in Hell.”

A preview for the video and narration of the work that went into this video can be seen here.

Hailing from the United Kingdom, London-based REVERTED has been bringing their own particular style of heaviness to the masses since 2010. REVERTED has seen success with their two singles “Tolerance” and “Die My Saint” over the course of the past year, with both songs reaching the No. 1 position on Reverbnation’s U.K. Metal Charts. The band most notably opened forAMERICAN HEAD CHARGE at their London gig in June 2014 and is looking forward to the release of their first ever music video for “Die My Saint.”

Looking toward the future, REVERTED plan on releasing a second video music video, as well as releasing an acoustic EP before Christmas.

Here is the official music video for REVERTEDS ‘Die My Saint’

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