ReffuS – Eternal Misanthrope

Rating: 4/5
Label/Distributor: Independent
Released: 2016
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Band Line Up

Repktkor: Vocals

Morth: Backing Vocals/Guitars/Bass/Drum Programmingreffus

Album Track Listing
  1. Death Sentence
  2. Born Dead
  3. Eternal Misathrope
  4. Thorns Of Insignificany



One has to wonder if ReffuS are possessed of a macabre sense of humour. Given their name (Suffer backwards), I would suggest the answer is yes. This London duo have made quite a statement of intent with “Eternal Misanthrope”, their debut EP.

The carnage gets underway with “Death Sentence”, and straight away the discordant ambience, crackling guitars and deranged howls transport the listener to the netherworld. The deliberate pace and malignant undercurrent are akin to a less keyboard laden Xasthur. It is think and impenetrable, like wading through great swathes of viscera. Next up is “Born Dead” – a raging torrent of bile. The change of pace is welcome, and its ferocity is unyielding; a pitiless assault on the senses.

The hypnotic title track follows. It is like a slow call to soul suicide, juxtaposed with almost militaristic drum patterns. It breaks down into doomfully drawn out bleakness before vomiting forth a shot of adrenaline. A fatalistic plunge into the depths of despair.

Proceedings are rounded off with “Thorns Of Insignificancy”, an ominous premonition of impending disaster. It slashes you up and leaves you hanging like a Cenobite attack. The haunting keyboards taunt like phantoms, picking at your guilt and insecurities.

ReffuS show much promise. The arctic frigidity of the guitars, and the unhinged winterdemon bellow of the vocals come together to form something putridly powerful. They create a realm from which there is little hope of escape; doomed to remain in their ice palace of hopelessness. I can’t wait for the full length album.

Review by Owen Thompson