Red Mourning – Where Stone and Water Meet by Tony Bliss

RELEASED: May 15th 2014



Hoog – Vocals
Romaric – Guitar
Sebastien – Bass
Aurelien – Drums


1. Intro
2. The Sound of Flies
3. Gun Blue
4. Rabid Dogs & Twisted Bitches
5. Emily
6. White Line
7. The Simple Truth
8. Work Song
9. Over the Rail
10. Candlelight
11. Touched by Grace
12. There Goes the Chair
13. Where Stone and Water Meet


Decidedly southern fried and imbued with a NOLA-esque swampish lurch, French quartet Red Mourning certainly have no qualms with wearing there influences on there sleeves. Although welcomely dynamic and sonically varied, ‘Where Stone And Water Meet’ for the most part pedals that familiar dirty southern swing which is, as so done with a savvy know how here, a hip shakin’ success.

From the whiskey drenched blue strut of ‘Rabid Dogs & Twisted Bitches’, through to opener ‘The Sound Of Files’ with its gruff chorus refrain and slide guitar swells, there is a potent whiff of Down and their ilk about proceedings, coupled with a smattering of 70’s hard rock tunefulness and post grunge commercialism. Elsewhere however, Red Mourning undoubtedly have the ability to flatten skulls.

Depth charge breakdowns (‘White Line’), metalcore indebted riff work outs (‘Candlelight’) and some searing aggression throughout portrays a certain metallic prowess which not only frequently ups the pace from what could all to easily become a rather sluggish reliance on heaving Americana, but also displays an engaging instrumental strength and some wide eyed shifts in tone.

‘Where Stone And Water Meet’ is a testament to the enduring power of the muscle vs melody blueprint. Whether it is the drawling, down tempo hooks or buoyant, violent urgency, Red Mourning turn in a release brimming with varied, memorable tunes. Fantastic stuff.