REAPER and DKAG live at Electrowerkz-London, Saturday 4th February 2017

Reaper and DKAG plus opening act Sixth Side Project live at Electrowerkz Saturday 4th February 2017. Tickets on sale now at – includes free entry to the aftershow Slimelight.

Reaper was formed by Vasi Vallis shortly before the dissolution of his NamNamBulu project and took on greater prominence following the split. The ‘Angst EP’ was released in July 2005.


The project played a number of live shows prior to the release of the full-length album ‘Hell Starts With An H’ in early 2007. The project toured Europe supporting Combichrist. At the end of 2007, the EP ‘The Devil Is Female’ was released, reaching No.1 in the DAC.


DKAG is the band of Slimelight DJs Emmerick Gortz and Steve Weeks formed in May 2013. Influenced by ebm, electro, hard tech, hard trance & noise, the band have been crafting their sounds to give you a combination of powerful beats, aggressive bass, dark intense soundscapes and adrenaline pumping energy aimed directly at the dance floor. The “Short Wave” EP was released in October 2015 and certainly gives you a glimpse into their world. Gortz and Weeks are working on new music which will be released in mid 2017.