Raum Kingdom – Self Titled by Ben Spencer

Rating: 3/5
Distributor/ Label: Unsigned
Distributor/ Label URL: N/A
Released: 2014

raum kingdom
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Band Website: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Raum-Kingdom/487794687997010 and http://raumkingdom.bandcamp.com/releases

Band Line up

Drums – Mark Gilchrist
Bass – Ronan Connor
Guitars – Andrew Colohan
Vocals – Dave Lee

Album Track listing
1. Wounds
2. Barren Objects
3. Cross Reference
4. These Open Arms
5. This Sullen Hope


Combining some of the best elements of Neurosis, Tool and Amenra, Ireland’s Raum Kingdom are a band who are finding their feet with their self titled EP that comes fully loaded with emotion, intrigue and sprawling gloominess.

‘Wounds’ opens with a weighty throwback to the early Isis material. Full of deep throated growls, carefully laced guitar melodies and dense sounding drums. The clean vocals wade into the background and offer up a greater sense of dissonance. ‘Barren Objects’ slithers along with steady drums, gritty sounding bass lines and vocals that drip with desperation throughout. The heavier growls return with a heavy sounding guitar crunch that keeps the sound well layered.

Meanwhile, the pummelling riffs of ‘These Open Arms’ remain a standout moment for the record along with the spoken narrative woven into ‘Cross Reference’, showcasing the band’s ability to experiment within their song structures.

This records marks itself as a band who certainly have a lot potential within the refinery of their sound. Full of climactic moments and that hard hitting wall-of-sound that is undeniably present. However, this record feels more like the kind of band who have yet to fully bloom and offer up something truly shuddering to take away from the listening experience. With some time and further exploration into their style they are sure to be onto to something big if they carry on the way they currently are.

Review by Ben Spencer