Raise the Red Lantern – Raise the Red Lantern by Alan Chapman

Out Now On – At A Loss Recordings

As I’ve said before I’m not really into scenes and I’m too restless to be stuck listening to one type of music all the time, also there is only so many bands in any given gene that are any good.

I have found I’ve been listening to more sludge /stoner just lately, mainly because there are more out there are that seem to fit the above statement.
Raise the Red Lantern are such an outfit they do sort of remind me of a little known band from the eighties called Cirith Ungol, again I wont be lazy and compare them to Sabbath because they just sound too loose for that comparison.

This is a wall of fuzz distortion, slightly out of tune rock/metal/punk with more in common with the likes of garage bands such as MC5, Stooges etc with huge slabs of metal thrown in.