Radien – Maa

Rating: 3/5
Distributor/label: Self-Released
Distributor/label URL: N/A
Released: 2017
Buy Album [URL]: https://radien.bandcamp.com/releases
Band Website: https://www.facebook.com/radienband/

Band Lineup:Radien Pic

Jyri – Vocals, synth
Felipe – Guitar
Mikko – Guitar
Tommi – Bass
Tuomo – Drums


1. Varjot
2. Viimeinen


Radien have been cutting about Finland since 2014 and have went through a few lineup changes before settling last year with their current lineup. They have released a two track EP of heavy crushing doom which takes no prisoners as it bludgeons out slowly and coarsely over the space of 25 minutes. With five members, the band from Helsinki trudge along menacingly with an almighty sonic terror which bellows out like an eruption, shaking the heavens and turning the world into smouldering rubble. These musicians do not mess about.

The first track ‘Vorjet’ burns slowly, an icy burn creeping with harsh notes resonating for what seems like an eternity, letting the feedback pierce the air waiting for the devastating blow. And the blows do come. The instruments collect and thunder together around the third minute mark and we get the first taste of Jyri’s colossal shriek. Poisonous and razor edged his voice calls over the drone of the instruments with enough force to collapse a mountain. The drone of the guitars culminate with the rhythm section so potently. A thousand whacks of Odin’s wang strike down separated by long arduous intervals awaiting the next assault. Being the shorter of the two tracks (only by a case of around 30 seconds) ‘Vorjet’ is a solid if not a little more primal example of Radien’s sound.

The second track ‘Viimeinen’ breaks from the elongated introduction, bringing the barrage of sound to the foray from the start. This time around Jyri’s vocals are introduced before the minute mark. The name of the song is as apt as they come. You can imagine a long drawn out death, existence fleeting as your lifeforce drips away; brutally slow. The pressure of your instinct for survival is astronomical but you are helpless in a futile struggle for life whilst your fate is set. ‘Viimeinen’ brings this intense pressure with a vile onslaught that extends the struggle beyond humane limits. The song goes through several sections before the five minute mark where it retreats to a similar vein of droning doom that was at the introduction to the EP. The additional sounds added by the synths make the music that bit more deranged. There’s not much progression after the first five minutes as the song smoulders on in this fashion until the end of the recording.

‘Maa’ is a total dronefest and has such a foreboding sound that keeps an intense suspense throughout its 25 minutes. From the thunderous lashing of the cymbal work to the booming bass lines Radien marauds viciously with surreal aggression. If one was to be hyper-critical then it would have to be said that the reverting back to the intro to the EP as a seven minute outro doesn’t bring much imagination although it doesn’t detract from the overall bulldozing effect that this EP creates. A dark and dread inspiring recording, Radien have set up a good base to launch themselves from and ‘Maa’ is one that many a doom enthusiast should pay some attention to.